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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Weekly] Not Just Asmodians64DanariaElyos
[Weekly] The Campsite Shuffle64DanariaElyos
Spying is my Business...65DanariaAsmodians
...And Business is Good65DanariaAsmodians
...One for All!65DanariaAsmodians
A Fierce Struggle65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
A Healthy Glow65Idian DepthsAsmodians
A Leaderless Flock65DanariaAsmodians
A Little Tall for a Pashid Trooper?65DanariaElyos
A Record of Idgel Uses65Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
A Shugo's Loyalty65DanariaAsmodians
A Shugo? Lie for Money? Never!65Idian DepthsElyos
A Tear-Jerking Tail65Idian DepthsAsmodians
A Touch of Skurv65DanariaElyos
Aiding the Enemy65DanariaAsmodians
All for One...65DanariaAsmodians
All You Need Is Kinah65Idian DepthsElyos Asmodians
An Appropriate Sacrifice65DanariaElyos
Ancient Tomb65Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Aren't Clodworms Smaller?65Idian DepthsElyos
Avoiding a Late Fee65DanariaAsmodians
Bastions Are Eternal; Positions Are Not65The Eternal BastionElyos
Bothering Brothers65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Breaking Rocks65DanariaAsmodians
Buried with Their Treasure65Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
Bzzzz, Bzzzzt!65DanariaElyos
Caged Vengeance65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Can You Hear the Screams? 165Pradeth Idgel Research CenterAsmodians
Can You Hear the Screams? 265Pradeth Idgel Research CenterAsmodians
Carbon Collection65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Charging the Cavalry65DanariaElyos
Chronicle of Disaster65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Clean Up the Surrounding Area65DanariaAsmodians
Cleaner of the Plains65DanariaAsmodians
Cleaning Up the Sky65DanariaAsmodians
Combat Mechanic65DanariaElyos
Complicate Their Research65Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
Conquer and Divide65Idian DepthsElyos
Dark Wings, Darker Tidings65KatalamAsmodians
Destroying Evidence, Er... Research65DanariaElyos
Disease Prevention65DanariaAsmodians
Don't Rock the Party65DanariaElyos
Employee Appreciation Day65DanariaElyos
Ending Nautius' Rampage65Sillus Danuar MysticariumAsmodians
Fetch Me My Biohazard Suit!65Idian DepthsElyos
Fight for Fragments65Sillus Danuar MysticariumAsmodians
Find the Vera Siege Ballista65Ophidan BridgeAsmodians
Fit for the Slaughter65DanariaElyos
Foe of My Foe65Idian DepthsElyos
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