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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
For My Family, All65DanariaAsmodians
Fortress Talk65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterElyos
From Beneath It Stores Things65Silona Void CubeElyos
Fury of the Ametgolems65DanariaElyos
Go Forth and Promote Me65DanariaElyos
Goldrine's Personal Recognition65DanariaAsmodians
Hadrianerk's Wall65DanariaAsmodians
Harry Their Rear65DanariaAsmodians
Headstrong and Lost65DanariaAsmodians
Healthy Calcium Supplement65Idian DepthsElyos Asmodians
Hello My Daeva65DanariaElyos
Home at the End of the World65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Hungry Hungry Braxes65DanariaAsmodians
Hyperion Hype65Idian DepthsAsmodians
I Earned These Legitimately65Idian DepthsElyos Asmodians
Idgel Recovery65DanariaElyos
Idgel Recovery65Sillus Danuar MysticariumElyos
Impede the Collection of Relics65Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Increasing Disregard65DanariaElyos
Interrogate Kvash65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
Into the Void65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
It's Called War Profiteering, My Dear65DanariaElyos
It's not Plagiarism If It's a War65Sillus Danuar MysticariumElyos
It's not the Taste, So Much the Texture65Idian DepthsElyos
Keep Away from the Infected65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Keyros Calls for Aid65DanariaElyos
Kill the Dead65Idian DepthsElyos
Last Train Home65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Like Momma Shugo Used to Make65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Lizard Go Down the Hole65Sillus Danuar MysticariumElyos
Making Idgel Safe65DanariaAsmodians
Marones Rising65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Maximizing Profit Gain65DanariaAsmodians
Meet Stifas the Stiff65The Eternal BastionElyos
Military Intelligence?65KatalamElyos
Mnesino's Method65DanariaElyos
Mnesino's Order65DanariaElyos
Mother's Wishes65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Move Along, Little Doggy65DanariaAsmodians
My Report is Better65DanariaElyos
No Tours, No Help65Idian DepthsElyos
Not a Werekarnif65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Not My Department65DanariaElyos
Oh, What a Relief You've Been!65DanariaElyos
One Daeva Army65Idian DepthsElyos
Overtime Pay65Idian DepthsElyos
Permission to Build65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Plausible Deniablity65DanariaAsmodians
Pleasure in Pashid Pain65DanariaAsmodians
Pride Cometh Before a Fall65DanariaElyos
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