24/7 GM support for Aion coming very soon

Aion team has finally responded to the in-game petition about better GM support. As Ayase has announced it’s coming very soon. We hope this will solve some major problems particularly those related to gold spammers.

For those of you using in-game petitioning – We will have 24/7 GM support very soon.


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3 Responses to 24/7 GM support for Aion coming very soon

  1. kaizoku says:

    awesome! i needed help with somethingn today and wondered where my friendly GM would be!

  2. Tony says:

    Dear Sir/Maddem
    i want become a gm. i am a cybercafe oner. i play aion game 7-9 hour everyday. and i want to help players in aion. i play this game for 7-8 months. please help me how i become a gm

  3. seth says:

    i am inquiring about the lv 25 survey, for some reason i havent recevied it on my asmodian named Darkbitch

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