Aion Events during November

Aion team announced today Shugo Event Showcase for November 2011:

  • Play Every Day Deals
    • (2 Hrs/Day) Nov. 16 thru Nov. 23
    • (3 Hrs/Day) Nov. 23 thru Nov. 30
    • (5 Hrs/Day) Nov. 30 thru Nov. 07
  • Daru Days
    • Nov. 23 thru Nov. 30
  • Cyber Monday
    • Nov. 28 (One Day Only!)

Play Every Day Deals

November 16–December 7, 2011
New Adventurer Guide: November kicks off the holiday shopping season at BCTN, and we’re offering a super, amazing, COLOSSAL deal! To excite fledgling monster-hunting Daevas, akakakak, we’re introducing a new and improved adventurer guide system! The items in this package are tailor-made for leveling Daevas.

Double XP: But wait, there’s more! Sign on during weekends from November 16 ’til December 7 and receive not just the normal experience from gathering, crafting, and slaying, but double experience! It’s the perfect time to swoop up to a new level of power!

Special Prizes: Is this not to your taste, O Furless One? Then let’s sweeten the deal! What could possibly make this deal richer? Well, from November 16 ’til November 23, log in for only two hours each day and we’ll give you an Arena Ticket! Then from November 23 to November 30, if you stay logged in for at least 3 hours, and receive a Manastone Box! Then from November 30 to December 7, if you stay logged in for at least 5 hours you will get an Enchantment Stone Box!

You do not have to be online consecutively for the time-frame. Once you hit the accumulative time needed for the prize it will be inserted into your cube. And to top that off, this is per character! You can only get these items once per day per character. This event will run from maintenance period to maintenance period.

Abyss Point and Rifting Promotions: We’d have to be cuh-RAZY to add even more to this deal, Akakakak—but wait, there’s even more! We’re throwing in the For War and Glory Abyss Point promotion and the Behind Enemy Lines rifting promotion!

Daru Days

November 23–November 30, 2011
Ever been stranded out in the cold of Beluslan? You can get just what you need during Daru Days! Sign on and complete Daru Days tasks during the festival, and BOOM! You, O Furless One, can have a coat of shiny, silky, luxurious new fur! Collect a Silver Fur Daru set that is stylish, warm, and guaranteed to get you all the attention you could ever want when you go out, nyerk!

Cyber Monday Super Shugo Deal

November 28, 2011 ONLY!
Cyber Monday is right around the corner, Daevas, and you know what that means. We at BCTN are proud to offer a special Cyber Monday deal that you cannot miss on the Shugo Lad pack companion! You can have a sturdy young male of my people apprenticed to you indefinitely to organize and haul your loot for you! Your Shugo Lad follows you everywhere, squeals in delight at your actions, and looks handsome, like all Shugos, while toting your loot. Giving you 24 additional slots to hold items, this little guy can carry a lot! He doesn’t care, he lugs it with pride! During Cyber Monday, the Shugo Lad, whose faithful service normally goes for a price of $19.99, costs you only $9.99! That’s right, just $9.99! Remember though, Dillimayznyerk can’t guarantee he’ll be able to give you a deal this good again, so get your Shugo Lad on Cyber Monday before it’s too late!

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