Patch 1.5.1 interesting facts

While upgrading our quest database to the latest patch we were able to notice a couple of nice statistical regularities. We thought we share them with the Aion community.

The following quests have had their drop rates increased:

[Group] Hairpin Ahoy!
[Group] The Pirates’ Pouch
[Group] Plunder the Pirates
[Group] Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates
[Group] Black Cloud Ledgers
[Group] A Present for Father

305 quests have had their XP increased. The increase is an average of 416688XP points per quest. The quest that had its XP reward increased the most is [Alliance] Reshanta’s Hero (2715525XP points).

If you have a need for any other cool facts we’ll try and dig them out for you. Just leave a comment with what you’re interested in.

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