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Easter Monday Video Rant

Another week has started and this means I can jump into another one of our Monday Aion Rants. This week we have a special Video edition. The Blog community has not been as active in the past 7 days so … Continue reading

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Monday Aion Rant

I thought I start a new segment here on Aion Life. It is Monday after a double XP weekend. Your eyes are puffy from non stop playing and caffeine from all those energy drinks/coffee is slowly dwindling, bringing the harsh … Continue reading

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Aion patch 2.0 video from the Korean press conference

Information and media from the recently announced Aion patch 1.9 is starting to pour in. found this video from the big press conference that was held in Korea and it showcases not only the 1.9 changes, but beyond, into … Continue reading

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Aion NA/EU First Tahabata Pyrelord Kill

Ariel server hosts a group of brave Asmodians that dared enter Lord Tahabata Pyrelord’s lair and challenge its rule over Dark Poeta. After two weeks of trying and wiping and trying again they fell the beast. Tahabata is famous for … Continue reading

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I am the sword master!

A video from what appears to be the Korean version of the game started circulating the web some time ago. It showcases Aion weapons with funny models/skins. Seems you can model your weapon to look like a trout or carrots … Continue reading

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Aion Holiday spirit

The Halloween event in Aion did not impress. Hopes for Christmas / New Year events were not high either. In stroke of genius NCSoft provided a giant piano in front of the Christmas tree in the capital cities for their … Continue reading

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Spiritmaster Pets can fly

And finally, something that NCSoft hasn’t announced in the latest patch notes but all Spiritmasters have been waiting for and has been already announced in Korea – Spiritmaster Pets now have the ability to fly. Congratulations!

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AION Vision Movie

NCsoft has released new video – AION Never ending Challenge. It’s early to give the list of specific details but the video shows new content expansion, new underwater skills, housing system, mounts and amazing graphics. The question is how long … Continue reading

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Aion Machinimas

Having impressive visuals Aion can be a great source for making impressive videos using in-game footage. The Machinima community seems to agree and first couple of videos have been released in the past 10 days. They are both music video … Continue reading

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New Aion trailer for Head-Start

It’s only a few hours separating us from spreading the wings to explore a breath-taking world of Aion. A brand new trailer has been released to make sure that everyone remembers how pretty this game is.

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