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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Spy/League] Agency's Toll55InggisonElyos
The Right to Bear Arms55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] The Truth Hurts55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Weekly] Steely Resolve55Orichalcum KeyElyos
Staff Predilection55InggisonElyos
The Invincible Starket55GelkmarosAsmodians
The Ancient Document55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Spy/League] Agency's Aftermath55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Greatsword's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
Written in Blood55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Sword Predilection55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Greatsword55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] The Rod and the Orb55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Winning Veille's Favor55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Spellbook's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
The Orb and the Rod55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Favors for Veille55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Spellbook55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Magical Essence55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Veille's Favor-ite55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Bow's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
Decree of Valor55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Favor Feud55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Bow55GelkmarosAsmodians
To Help a Hushblade55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Favors of Fancy55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Dagger's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
Stigma Dogma55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
Veilled Weapon55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Dagger55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Stigmas & Scars55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
Shield Veille55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Mace's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Aeshma's Vengeance55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
Cracking the Stigma Threshold55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
Enhancing the Mace55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Mine Vengeance55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
Stigma Enlightenment55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
[Spy/League] Orb's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] For Honor, For Stormwing55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
[Weekly] Deathsinging a Deathsong55The CircleAsmodians
Enhancing the Orb55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] The Spirit Sleepeth55Greater Stigma QuestElyos
[Weekly] Bakarma Brouhaha55The CircleAsmodians
[Spy/League] Polearm's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] A Guard's Curse55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Weekly] Lepharist Crackdown55The CircleAsmodians
Enhancing the Polearm55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] The Plaguebearer55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Weekly] Strengthening the Alliance55The CircleAsmodians
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