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Quest Land: Race:  
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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Kalio's Call1PoetaElyos
Sleeping on the Job1PoetaElyos
Kerubar Hunt1PoetaElyos
Asmodian Quest1Ascension QuestsAsmodians
Order of the Captain1IshalgenAsmodians
On Your Feet!1IshalgenAsmodians
A Bloody Task1IshalgenAsmodians
Symbol of the Chosen1SanctumElyos Asmodians
Simple Talk Function Expansion Test1EltnenElyos Asmodians
Ophidan Bridge1Ophidan BridgeElyos
Danuar Sanctuary1Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Kamar Battlefield1Danuar SanctuaryElyos Asmodians
Ophidan Bridge1Ophidan BridgeAsmodians
Danuar Sanctuary1Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
[Event] Ahead of the Trends1PoetaElyos
[Event] Just One New Thing1IshalgenAsmodians
Grain Thieves2PoetaElyos
Report to Polinia2PoetaElyos
The Snuffler Headache2PoetaElyos
A New Skill2PoetaElyos
The Sprigg Report2IshalgenAsmodians
Meeting the Fruit Quota2IshalgenAsmodians
Sparkle and Shine2IshalgenAsmodians
The Kerubim Threat3PoetaElyos
Helping Kales3PoetaElyos
The Lost Axe3PoetaElyos
Uno's Ingredients3PoetaElyos
Abandoned Goods3PoetaElyos
Message to Madeline3PoetaElyos
A House Guest3PoetaElyos
Thinking Ahead3IshalgenAsmodians
Vanar's Flattery3IshalgenAsmodians
Return to Sender3IshalgenAsmodians
The Shinier the Better3IshalgenAsmodians
Love in Bloom3IshalgenAsmodians
A New Skill3IshalgenAsmodians
Azpha For Health And Well-being3IshalgenAsmodians
For Love of Negi3IshalgenAsmodians
Brotherly Love3IshalgenAsmodians
Swallowing Pride3IshalgenAsmodians
A Book for Namus4PoetaElyos
Insomnia Medicine4PoetaElyos
To Fish in Peace4PoetaElyos
Mushroom Thieves4PoetaElyos
Idle Hands4IshalgenAsmodians
Urd's Request4IshalgenAsmodians
Token of a Lost Love4IshalgenAsmodians
Request of the Elim5PoetaElyos
1 2 3 4 5 6  109 110 111 112 113