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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Dispelling Ancient Spirits17VerteronElyos
Tribute to the Temple17VerteronElyos
Eninte's Request17VerteronElyos
[Gather] Feed a Cold17VerteronElyos
A Crystal Hand Mirror17AltgardAsmodians
Failure to Report17AltgardAsmodians
A Monster in a Box17AltgardAsmodians
Urnir's Reasoning17AltgardAsmodians
Neifenmer's Reasoning17AltgardAsmodians
Creating a Delay17AltgardAsmodians
Aurtri's Letter17AltgardAsmodians
The Lost Cube17AltgardAsmodians
Emergency Rations17AltgardAsmodians
[Gather] A Change of Diet17AltgardAsmodians
[Gather] Branching out Further17AltgardAsmodians
Know Your Enemy17AltgardAsmodians
A Bill Found in a Box17AltgardAsmodians
Trandila's Eggs17VerteronElyos
Big Kinah18HaramelElyos
Shugo Indemnity18HaramelElyos
The Third Shugo18HaramelElyos
This Shugo for Hire18HaramelElyos
Odella, Odella, Where Art Thou?18HaramelAsmodians
The Price of Loyalty18HaramelAsmodians
Guess Who18HaramelAsmodians
What is Inside the Box?18HaramelAsmodians
Man in the Long Black Robe18PandaemoniumAsmodians
A Foolish Gamble18VerteronElyos
[Group] Culling Krall18VerteronElyos
Spirit Of Nature18VerteronElyos
Investigating Wind Spirits18VerteronElyos
Unquiet Spirits18VerteronElyos
The Wriggot Menace18VerteronElyos
Message From Morai18VerteronElyos
[Event] Pass the Enlightenment18SanctumElyos
[Event] The Mortality Festival18PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Group] Persistent Krall18VerteronElyos
Wriggot Resurgence18VerteronElyos
Brainwashed Tursin Krall18VerteronElyos
Soul Essence18AltgardAsmodians
Turbulent Mist Spirits18AltgardAsmodians
Turbulent Splash Spirits18AltgardAsmodians
Rebuilding the Pillar18AltgardAsmodians
An Important Announcement18AltgardAsmodians
The Tayga Threat18AltgardAsmodians
Reconstruction Supplies18AltgardAsmodians
A Trustworthy Messenger18AltgardAsmodians
Trespassers at the Observatory18AltgardAsmodians
Black Claw Baton18AltgardAsmodians
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