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Quest Land: Race:  
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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Unusual Observations65DanariaAsmodians
Making Idgel Safe65DanariaAsmodians
Breaking Rocks65DanariaAsmodians
Sure to Get the Message65DanariaAsmodians
Too Busy to Work65DanariaAsmodians
Avoiding a Late Fee65DanariaAsmodians
The Shugo Guru65DanariaAsmodians
A Leaderless Flock65DanariaAsmodians
We're Stealin' It Back65DanariaAsmodians
The Waterworm Plague65DanariaAsmodians
Squashing the Squatters65DanariaAsmodians
The Angry Commander65DanariaAsmodians
Headstrong and Lost65DanariaAsmodians
For My Family, All65DanariaAsmodians
All for One...65DanariaAsmodians
...One for All!65DanariaAsmodians
Snout Counting65DanariaAsmodians
Spying is my Business...65DanariaAsmodians
...And Business is Good65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Breaking the Blade65DanariaAsmodians
The Stone Legion65DanariaAsmodians
Maximizing Profit Gain65DanariaAsmodians
Aiding the Enemy65DanariaAsmodians
Disease Prevention65DanariaAsmodians
Plausible Deniablity65DanariaAsmodians
Move Along, Little Doggy65DanariaAsmodians
A Shugo's Loyalty65DanariaAsmodians
Hadrianerk's Wall65DanariaAsmodians
Goldrine's Personal Recognition65DanariaAsmodians
A Fierce Struggle65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
Pleasure in Pashid Pain65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Things Seem Off65DanariaAsmodians
Cleaning Up the Sky65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Lazy Tactics, Easy Victory65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Getting the Balaur's Attention65DanariaAsmodians
Hungry Hungry Braxes65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Breaking the Silona Elyos65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Breaking the Silona Balaur65DanariaAsmodians
Harry Their Rear65DanariaAsmodians
Strange Steel65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Ring around the Dragons65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Surprise, Surprise65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Deep in Enemy Land65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] A Thorn in Pashid's Side65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Steal the Operations Plan65DanariaAsmodians
Clean Up the Surrounding Area65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Eliminate the Vigils Scouts65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Eliminate the Vigils Advance Unit65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Murdak Attack65DanariaAsmodians
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