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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Event] Daru Nutrition20PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Event] Witch Blue Pieces?20SanctumElyos
[Event] The Essence of Blue20SanctumElyos
[Event] Pumpkins in Shades of Blue20SanctumElyos
[Event] The First Hit Is Free20EventElyos
[Event] Ice Hot!20EventElyos
[Event] Visions of Blue20PandaemoniumAsmodians
Crushing the Conspiracy20AltgardAsmodians
[Event] Witch Blue Sparks?20PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Event] The First Hit Is Free20EventAsmodians
[Event] Ice Hot!20EventAsmodians
[Event] Pumpkin Blues20PandaemoniumAsmodians
Reel Time20EltnenElyos
Morheim Commander's Call20MorheimAsmodians
Frenai's Lost Jewelry20MorheimAsmodians
Active Discouragement21MorheimAsmodians
Orders From the Fortress21MorheimAsmodians
The Manduri's Secret21EltnenElyos
More Manduri Frillnecks21EltnenElyos
Cleansing The Forest21EltnenElyos
Orders for Randet21MorheimAsmodians
Stolen Goods21EltnenElyos
Seeds of Restoration21EltnenElyos
An Elim out of Water21EltnenElyos
A Package For Crios21EltnenElyos
[Event/Daily] Love is Pain21EventAsmodians
Love at First Sight21PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Event/Daily] Love and Slaughter21EventElyos
[Housing] The Living Is Easy21OrielElyos
[Housing] Heart of Rock21OrielElyos
[Housing] And A Home for Every Daeva21OrielElyos
No Accounting for Taste21OrielElyos
Blessed Be Thy Hame 21OrielElyos
Secret Library Access21PandaemoniumAsmodians
Secret Information21MorheimAsmodians
[Housing] Give My Regards to Pernon21PernonAsmodians
[Housing] Moving Up in the World21PernonAsmodians
[Daily] Extract One, Pearl Two21OrielElyos
[Housing] Be It Ever So Humble21PernonAsmodians
[Event] Heart Headband Safari21EltnenElyos
[Daily] It Came From The Sky21OrielElyos
[Daily] Gardener's Delight21OrielElyos
[Daily] Almost Forgot My Blessings21OrielElyos
[Event] Heart Headband Game21MorheimAsmodians
Wilting Flowers, Falling Tears21PernonAsmodians
Blessings of a Green Thumb21PernonAsmodians
A Feast for a Son21PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Housing] Unlock The Future21OrielElyos
Preparing the Banquet21PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Event] The Brax Cafe Beckons21SanctumElyos
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