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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Spy/League] Staff's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Grave Robber's Lament55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Weekly] Bloody Pirates!55The CircleAsmodians
Enhancing the Staff55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Lupukin's Request55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Spy/League] Sword's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
Priest Kailaus's New Nightmare55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Enhancing the Sword55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] To Liberate Souls55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Heart of Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
Teressa's Request55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Standing for Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
The Tricky Spirit55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Path of Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
The Elusive Spirit55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Inggison's Darkest Hour55InggisonElyos
Holding On for Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
Eluding Success55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Daily] Veille's Blessing55InggisonElyos
The Crucible55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Bearing Up for Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] Fire Down Below55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Veille's Gift55InggisonElyos
The First Rule of the Crucible55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
An Old Flame55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Daily/League] Thwarted Expedition55Padmarashka's CaveElyos
Molfus's Approval55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
[Group] The Captain's Curse55Beshmundir TempleElyos
A Dramata Uncovered55InggisonElyos
Keep on Driving Me Higher55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Weapons of Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] New Sword55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[League] Dramata Hunt55InggisonElyos
A Giant Illusion55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Shielding Asmodae55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Group] New Greatsword55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[League] A New Spawning55InggisonElyos
Vanquish the Vanktrist55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Out of their Cold, Dead Hands55Greater Stigma QuestAsmodians
[Group] New Polearm55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Spawning an Investigation55InggisonElyos
A Private Exercise55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Test Subject One55Greater Stigma QuestAsmodians
[Group] New Staff55Beshmundir TempleElyos
A Change in Programming?55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
[Group] New Spellbook55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Spy/League] Veilled Praise55InggisonElyos
Illusion or Infiltration?55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
[Group] New Orb55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Pistol Predilection55InggisonElyos
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