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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
A Rift in the SpaceTwine Continuum55Empyrean CrucibleElyos
[Group] New Bow55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Spy/League] Veilled Blessing55InggisonElyos
[Group] New Dagger55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Aethercannon Predilection55InggisonElyos
[Group] New Mace55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Spy/League] Veilled Applause55InggisonElyos
[Group] Cleansing the Temple55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Harp Predilection55InggisonElyos
[Coin/Group] Nightshades' Last Days55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Your Oath to Outremus55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Group] New Pistol55Beshmundir TempleElyos
Entering the Crucible55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Group] New Aethercannon55Beshmundir TempleElyos
It's Better! It's an Obelisk!55InggisonElyos
Aid to the Agent55GelkmarosAsmodians
Through the Wind and Fire55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Group] New Harp55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Daily] Mastarius's Blessing55GelkmarosAsmodians
Halfway There55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
Mastarius's Gift55GelkmarosAsmodians
The Student Becomes the Master55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Daily/League] Thwarted Assignment55Padmarashka's CaveAsmodians
Everything's Bigger in Asmodae55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
These Shoes Are Made For Stalking55Inggison ArmorElyos
A Lair Located55GelkmarosAsmodians
From the Reaches of Nothingness55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Group] Accounts about the Armor55Inggison ArmorElyos
[League] Dramata in its Lair55GelkmarosAsmodians
A Challenging Challenge55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[League] Spawn of Evil55GelkmarosAsmodians
A Question of Protocols55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Alliance] The Last Crusade55Abyssal SplinterElyos
[Spy/Alliance] Elimination Order55InggisonElyos
Padmarashka's Legacy55GelkmarosAsmodians
A Rift Adrift55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Spy/Alliance] Stanis's Secret Order55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Pistol's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
Catching the Rift55Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
[Spy/Alliance] Temenos's Secret Order55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Pistol55GelkmarosAsmodians
Omega's Fragment55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Aethercannon's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Alliance] Leize's Legs55Abyssal SplinterElyos
[League] The Orb's Orders55InggisonElyos
Enhancing the Aethercannon55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Alliance] Rosarea's Heart55Abyssal SplinterElyos
[Spy/League] Twilight of Ragnarok55InggisonElyos
[Spy/League] Harp's Fate55GelkmarosAsmodians
[League] Padmarashka's Wrath55InggisonElyos
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