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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Event] Splish, Splash10EventElyos Asmodians
Song of Blessing10PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Manastone Bundle] Cook the Books10AltgardAsmodians
Follow the Ribbon10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Leah's Loneliness10SanctumElyos
[Manastone Bundle] Cheap Crates10AltgardAsmodians
A Chain of Debt10PandaemoniumAsmodians
A Token of Lost Love10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Helping Apellbine10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Pampered Pets10SanctumElyos
Arekedil's Heritage10PandaemoniumAsmodians
The Pleasure of Pets10SanctumElyos
Deep Maternal Love10PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Craft] Clamping Down10SanctumElyos
Summons to the Citadel10VerteronElyos
The Fashionistas10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Project Runway10PandaemoniumAsmodians
A Ring Imbued With Aether10SanctumElyos
Judge Not10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Krallic Language Potion10SanctumElyos
Marra's Worry10PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Craft] Crafting Ingots10SanctumElyos
The Secret of His Success10PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Craft] Ingot Ingredients10SanctumElyos
[Craft] Roasting Inina10SanctumElyos
Mane's Best Friend10PandaemoniumAsmodians
[Craft] A Betua Wood Offering10SanctumElyos
[Craft] A Token of Respect10SanctumElyos
[Craft] First Steps in Tailoring10SanctumElyos
Ulaguru Speaks10SanctumElyos
Pet Perceptions10PandaemoniumAsmodians
A Song Of Praise10SanctumElyos
A Passion for Pets10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Matriculation Day10Kaisinel AcademyElyos
Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
[Craft] Construction Basics10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
To the Galleria of Grandeur10SanctumElyos
Salute! A New Uniform10SanctumElyos
A Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
Andu's Dye Box10SanctumElyos
[Event] Birthday Boom!10SanctumElyos
A Dispatch to Verteron10Ascension QuestsElyos
Palentine's Request10SanctumElyos
[Event] Joyful Daeva's Day10SanctumElyos
[Event] Big Bada Boom!10PandaemoniumAsmodians
Sexiest Man Alive10SanctumElyos
[Event] Festive Daeva's Day10PandaemoniumAsmodians
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