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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Guardian Tog12VerteronElyos
Decorative Weapons12VerteronElyos
Ancient Lobnite Fossil12VerteronElyos
The Seed of Evil12SanctumElyos
The Crasaur Threat12AltgardAsmodians
The Lobnite Problem12AltgardAsmodians
Ice Lake Crystals12AltgardAsmodians
Sparkie Sap Polish12AltgardAsmodians
The Way to His Heart12AltgardAsmodians
Slinking About12AltgardAsmodians
Conversing With a Skurv12AltgardAsmodians
Mau in Ten Minutes a Day12AltgardAsmodians
The Scribbler12AltgardAsmodians
A Favor for Gaione12VerteronElyos
Scout it Out12AltgardAsmodians
Masked Loiterers12VerteronElyos
A Mother's Worry13VerteronElyos
The Forest Outlaw13VerteronElyos
Abandoned Scarecrow13VerteronElyos
Belbua's Treasure13VerteronElyos
Nola's Request13VerteronElyos
Pumpkin Season13VerteronElyos
[Gather] Collecting Kukuru13VerteronElyos
A Father's Letter13VerteronElyos
Belbua is Missing13VerteronElyos
[Daily] A Tursin's Fickle Flame13Kaisinel AcademyElyos
[Daily] Elite (Homework) Assignment13Kaisinel AcademyElyos
[Daily] Magical Mau-stery Tour13Marchutan PrioryAsmodians
[Daily] Declaw the Mau13Marchutan PrioryAsmodians
Retrieving the Report13AltgardAsmodians
Karnif Threat13AltgardAsmodians
A Better Trap13AltgardAsmodians
Poison Root, Potent Fruit13AltgardAsmodians
No-Frills Quills13AltgardAsmodians
A Long-Lost Friend13AltgardAsmodians
Knot Your Average Message13AltgardAsmodians
Gleaning the Meaning13AltgardAsmodians
Frightcorn Seeds13AltgardAsmodians
Ripened Frightcorn13AltgardAsmodians
Picking off Frightcorn13AltgardAsmodians
Hunting Lepharist Revolutionaries13VerteronElyos
Marmeia's Krall Research14SanctumElyos
Delicate Mandrake14VerteronElyos
Supplies for the Watch14VerteronElyos
Lostes the Braggart14VerteronElyos
Odella Recipe14VerteronElyos
Feeding Hianu14VerteronElyos
Manir's Uncle14AltgardAsmodians
The Writing on the Wall14VerteronElyos
Manir's Message14AltgardAsmodians
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