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Quest Land: Race:  
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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Ice Lake Crystals12AltgardAsmodians
Sparkie Sap Polish12AltgardAsmodians
The Way to His Heart12AltgardAsmodians
Slinking About12AltgardAsmodians
Conversing With a Skurv12AltgardAsmodians
Mau in Ten Minutes a Day12AltgardAsmodians
The Scribbler12AltgardAsmodians
Hunting Lepharist Revolutionaries13VerteronElyos
A Mother's Worry13VerteronElyos
The Forest Outlaw13VerteronElyos
Abandoned Scarecrow13VerteronElyos
Belbua's Treasure13VerteronElyos
Nola's Request13VerteronElyos
Pumpkin Season13VerteronElyos
[Gather] Collecting Kukuru13VerteronElyos
A Father's Letter13VerteronElyos
Belbua is Missing13VerteronElyos
Retrieving the Report13AltgardAsmodians
Karnif Threat13AltgardAsmodians
A Better Trap13AltgardAsmodians
Poison Root, Potent Fruit13AltgardAsmodians
No-Frills Quills13AltgardAsmodians
A Long-Lost Friend13AltgardAsmodians
Knot Your Average Message13AltgardAsmodians
Gleaning the Meaning13AltgardAsmodians
Frightcorn Seeds13AltgardAsmodians
Ripened Frightcorn13AltgardAsmodians
Picking off Frightcorn13AltgardAsmodians
[Daily] A Tursin's Fickle Flame13Kaisinel AcademyElyos
[Daily] Elite (Homework) Assignment13Kaisinel AcademyElyos
[Daily] Magical Mau-stery Tour13Marchutan PrioryAsmodians
[Daily] Declaw the Mau13Marchutan PrioryAsmodians
Delicate Mandrake14VerteronElyos
Supplies for the Watch14VerteronElyos
Lostes the Braggart14VerteronElyos
Odella Recipe14VerteronElyos
Feeding Hianu14VerteronElyos
The Writing on the Wall14VerteronElyos
Marmeia's Krall Research14SanctumElyos
Manir's Uncle14AltgardAsmodians
Manir's Message14AltgardAsmodians
A Mythical Monster14AltgardAsmodians
Lamir's New Clothes14AltgardAsmodians
No-Good Slime14AltgardAsmodians
A Cure for Crazy14AltgardAsmodians
A Thorn in Its Side14AltgardAsmodians
A Friendly Wager14AltgardAsmodians
Sibling Rivalry14AltgardAsmodians
The Broken Honey Jar14AltgardAsmodians
A Fertile Field14AltgardAsmodians
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