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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
The Prisoner55GelkmarosAsmodians
Soul Invocation Ceremony55Beshmundir TempleElyos
[Weekly] Dead Daevas are Deadly55Orichalcum KeyElyos
Lucachinerk's Token Trade56SarpanElyos
Kururinerk's Token Trade56SarpanElyos
[Service] Furback Hunting56SarpanElyos
Field Repairs56SarpanElyos
Who Stole the Door?56SarpanAsmodians
Symbols for Tokens56SarpanAsmodians
Tokens for Symbols56SarpanAsmodians
[Service] Bending Kahrun's Will56SarpanAsmodians
O Aether, Where Art Thou?56SarpanAsmodians
Train Falling From the Dark56Empyrean CrucibleElyos Asmodians
Unable to Pick up in ?? State 256InggisonElyos
Arena of Glory Challenge 156Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Unable to Pick up in ?? State 356InggisonElyos
Arena of Glory Challenge 256Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Unable to Pick up in ?? State 456InggisonElyos
Arena of Glory Challenge 356Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Unable to Pick up in ?? State 556InggisonElyos
Arena of Glory Challenge 456Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Arena of Glory Challenge 556Empyrean CrucibleElyos
Five Defeated in One Session56Empyrean CrucibleElyos Asmodians
Entering the Arena of Glory56Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
Back for More56Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
Making an Impression56Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
Making a Bigger Impression56Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
The Final Test56Empyrean CrucibleAsmodians
Something to Prove56SarpanElyos
Unwelcome Messengers56SarpanElyos
The Protector56SarpanElyos
Building Bridges56SarpanAsmodians
Empirical Truth56SarpanAsmodians
The Guiding Hand56SarpanAsmodians
Cooking With Dratamin56SarpanElyos Asmodians
[Group] Fight of the Navigators56Terath DredgionElyos
[Group] Crew Cut56Terath DredgionElyos
[Group] Supplant the Supplies56Terath DredgionElyos
[Service/Group] Terrors of the Terath56Terath DredgionElyos
[Service/Group] Unending Assault56Terath DredgionElyos
Beast and Bug56SandstormElyos Asmodians
Klaw Katastrophe56SandstormElyos Asmodians
[Group] The Good News, and Bad56Terath DredgionAsmodians
[Group] Alluna's Crew Cuts56Terath DredgionAsmodians
[Group] Supply Seizure56Terath DredgionAsmodians
[Service/Group] Officer's Mess56Terath DredgionAsmodians
[Service/Group] Wrath of Terath56Terath DredgionAsmodians
Peace, Blood, and Understanding56SandstormElyos Asmodians
Symbol for a Seal56SandstormElyos Asmodians
[Daily] Target Removal Crew56SandstormElyos Asmodians
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