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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Group] The Dredgion Fleet60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Koligran60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Group] The Last of the Dredgions60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Brohum Brouhaha60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Black Market Drazma60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Soul Crusher60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
One-Upping the Asmodian Adversary60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Fixing the Future60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Balaur Massacre60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Uncanny Undead60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] The Prophet's Book60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Reian Matter60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Service/Group] No Exit60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Olive Branches60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Fall of the Vasharti60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Clearing the Garrison60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Surama the Betrayer60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Turncoat Justice60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Klaw Workers, What Irkers60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Soul Searching60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Gravebound60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Service/Daily/Group] Flavia's Proof60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] The Great Release60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Fallen Spirits60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
The Dark Dagger60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
A Special Hearthbloom60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Glitter and Dust60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Harnessing the Hatred60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Collecting Dark Emotions60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
Just a Test60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Collecting Dangerous Emotions60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Service] Faith and Protectorate Arms60TiamarantaElyos
The Tahabata Legion's Future Plans60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Crafting the Light of Innocence60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Service/Weekly] Not Vengeance, Just Tactics60TiamarantaElyos
[Group] Anuhart-less60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Collecting Heavenly Odium60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Group] Breaking Through 60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
Your Luminasiel Weapon60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
[Service/Group] Cutting off the Master-at-arms60TiamarantaElyos
The Finer Things60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Real Siel's Spears60Siel's SpearElyos Asmodians
DRAKINT: Crystal Map60Tiamaranta's EyeElyos
[Group] Alpha Strike60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Elyos of Siel's Spear60Siel's SpearElyos
A Path Uncertain60Tiamaranta's EyeElyos
Treachery's Reward60Tiamat StrongholdElyos
The Asmodian of Siel's Spear60Siel's SpearAsmodians
A Companion with No Way to Return61KatalamAsmodians
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