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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
The Way Out61KatalamElyos
Lesson of the Third Porgus61KatalamElyos
[Daily] Preemptions61KatalamElyos
Unwanted Visitors61KatalamElyos
The Lucky Necklace61KatalamElyos
Saving the Scouts61KatalamElyos
Shopping With the Enemy61KatalamElyos
[Weekly] Hold the Line61KatalamElyos
Lights Out61KatalamAsmodians
The Lucky Charm61KatalamAsmodians
Birds of Prey61KatalamAsmodians
The Great Supply Robbery61KatalamAsmodians
The Novun Connection61KatalamElyos
[Weekly] Scouting Their Graves61KatalamAsmodians
Forgotten Knowledge61KatalamElyos
An Unusable Trap61KatalamAsmodians
Securing the Retreat61KatalamAsmodians
Improving Fortifications61KatalamAsmodians
[Weekly] Eliminate Spiralroot Scouts61KatalamAsmodians
[Urgent Order] Anastasia's Request61KatalamElyos
[Urgent Order] Berden's Request61KatalamElyos
Mighty Morphin' Ceramium Medals61DanariaElyos
Fight Another Day61Empyrean CrucibleElyos Asmodians
But It Would Be Quality Sludge61DanariaElyos
Useful Information from Ararinerk61DanariaElyos
Cebes' Tempting Proposal61KatalamElyos
Objective Based Base Objectives61KatalamElyos
[Urgent Order] Watching the Watch61KatalamAsmodians
[Urgent Order] Batan's Request61KatalamAsmodians
A Learning Experience61DanariaAsmodians
After the Warm-Up61Empyrean CrucibleElyos Asmodians
Dentirunerk's Enticing Proposal61DanariaAsmodians
A Shiny New Pair61DanariaAsmodians
The Ceramium Man61KatalamAsmodians
Keep What You Kill61KatalamAsmodians
Survive by the Sword61KatalamElyos
Records Restored61KatalamElyos
Not Desert nor Danger...61KatalamAsmodians
Can Quiet the Truth61KatalamAsmodians
While You Were Gone61KatalamElyos
Dastardly Daru61KatalamElyos
Hazard Pay61KatalamElyos
The Unwalking Wounded61KatalamElyos
Knocking On Their Door61KatalamElyos
A Deadly Distraction61KatalamElyos
Ally or Enemy?61KatalamElyos
A Military Conspiracy61KatalamElyos
A Scout in Need61KatalamElyos
Clearing the Slippery Slope61KatalamElyos
Deep Blue Something61KatalamElyos
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