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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
The Nose Always Knows61KatalamElyos
Loras' Little Acre61KatalamElyos
They Eat Anything61KatalamElyos
Attacking the Wind61KatalamElyos
Nap Time is Over61KatalamAsmodians
Facing the Frillnecks61KatalamElyos
A Varmint Free Paradise 61KatalamAsmodians
Try Hitting It61KatalamElyos
Clean Up on Spire Aisle61KatalamAsmodians
Unsafe Haven61KatalamElyos
Prepare the Red Carpet61KatalamElyos
Too Little Butter Over Too Much Bread61KatalamAsmodians
It Looked Like a Plant61KatalamElyos
Scouting Out the Guardian Detachment61KatalamAsmodians
Of Two Minds61KatalamAsmodians
The Guys with Claws Did It! Wait...61KatalamAsmodians
Bulbus Bulbs of Bulbiness61KatalamElyos
Smelling This Will Do Wonders61KatalamElyos Asmodians
On Fastvi's Secret Service61KatalamAsmodians
Worth Publishing61KatalamElyos
What Novun Doth Fear61KatalamElyos Asmodians
No Brainwashing Allowed61KatalamAsmodians
A Miserable Companion61KatalamElyos
It's a Delicacy in Kamar, I Swear61KatalamElyos Asmodians
Scientific Method61KatalamAsmodians
Unlicensed Dentistry61KatalamAsmodians
Snufflers Give Her the Snuffles61KatalamAsmodians
Ate the Plates Too61KatalamAsmodians
Changing the Forecast61KatalamAsmodians
Stopping the Damage61KatalamAsmodians
A Mysterious Object61KatalamAsmodians
Unneeded Distractions61KatalamAsmodians
An Important Guest61KatalamAsmodians
Covering Up a Mistake61KatalamAsmodians
Unfinished Exterminations61KatalamAsmodians
What's in the Box?61KatalamAsmodians
Perinrinerk's Quota62KatalamElyos
Daeva's Trash is Shugo's Treasure62KatalamElyos
Daeva Scabs62KatalamAsmodians
Playing Both Sides62KatalamElyos
I Smell a Class Action Lawsuit62KatalamAsmodians
Breathing Down Shugo's Fur62KatalamElyos
The Rava of Wrath62KatalamAsmodians
I Haven't Seen Any Log Book62KatalamElyos
Tayga Meat Fit for Vegetarians62KatalamAsmodians
Beware Shugos Giving Gifts62KatalamAsmodians
No, No, Noborinerk!62KatalamAsmodians
Remember the Fallen62KatalamAsmodians
Force of Nature62KatalamAsmodians
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