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Daeva on the Ride


Tarorunerk lent you a mount. Test drive it to meet some townspeople.


Step 1. Jump on the mount and talk with TenisonA citizen of Beryl State who is fascinated by the region’s geography..

Step 2. Jump on the mount and talk with MorodeaA citizen of Arcada State who is unimpressed by natural beauty..

Step 3. Jump on the mount and talk with TarorunerkA Shugo Mount Merchant who can be found in Oriel Plaza..

Category seen_marker
Race Elyos
Location Oriel
Quest Level30
Required Level30
First seen in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 58283

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3 Responses to Daeva on the Ride

  1. Nikleb says:

    How do you ‘jump’ onto the surfrider?

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