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[Group] Bring Back the Booty


Recover the items that the Shulacks stole from Lukania’s inter-Warehouse shipment.


Step 1. Defeat Steel Rake PirateA Steel Beard pirate seen on the lower and upper levels of the Steel Rake.s, collect bundles, and take them to LukaniaA warehouse manager at Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum. She is an honest person.. (You need to collect: Tightly Packed Bundle)

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Sanctum
Quest Level44
Required Level43

Drop Monster

Steel Rake Pirate

Drop ItemsTightly Packed Bundle
Drop Probab.Medium
Need to complete the following quests first:
Price of Goodwill
The Manduri Imperative
Shameless Peperinrinerk
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 2815297
Kinah: 226040

L49 Enchantment Stone

L49 Enchantment Stone

Available for Level 49 or higher

Increase the Enchantment level of weapons or armor by one. Activate the Enchantment Stone by double-clicking (or right-clicking) it and select the item to enchant.

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