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[Group] Vasharti Legion’s Vengeance


Eliminate the Beritra Mop-up Band and the Pashid Drakan Combat Platoon Leader.


Step 1. Eliminate the Beritra Mop-up BandPashid Legion’s 3rd Mop-up Band hunting the remnants of Tiamat’s army in the Tiamat Annihilation Area. Their forces include Pashid Drakan Troopers, Pashid Drakan Cannoneers, Pashid Drakan Brawlers, Pashid Drakan Assassins, Pashid Drakan Maguss, and Pashid Drakan Menders.. (x9)

Step 2. Kill Pashid Drakan Platoon LeaderAn officer in the Tiamat Legion deployed to the Tiamat’s Fall.. (x1)

Step 3. Talk with NaramsinA survivor of Tiamat’s Vasharti Legion who seeks revenge against Beritra’s forces..

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Danaria
Quest Level64
Required Level63
First seen in version:
In-Game Link


XP: 7385391

Selectable Rewards:

Superior Life Potion

Superior Life Potion

Available for Level 70 or higher

Restores … HP every … for ….

Superior Mana Potion

Superior Mana Potion

Available for Level 70 or higher

Restores the target’s MP by … points every … for ….

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