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Illegal Distribution of Drazma Fragment


There are illegal Drazma Fragments on the market. Find out where they came from.


Step 1. Talk GarthenionA Reian Elder in Rancora Fortress’s Accord Square, who believes that Kahrun’s destiny is to conquer the Balaur..

Step 2. Ask GarinrinerkA Dark Cloudy Merchant in Accord Square in Tiamaranta. about her Drazma Fragments source.

Step 3. Ask LarukinA Shulack waiting by the entrance to Raksang, who is obsessed with Ancient Balaur Scales for reasons he won’t share. about his Drazma Fragments source.

Step 4. Report the result to Garthenion.

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Tiamat Stronghold
Quest Level60
Required Level60
First seen in version:0
In-Game Link


XP: 4049664

Selectable Rewards:

Fine Recovery Potion

Fine Recovery Potion

Available for Level 60 or higher

Recovers the target’s HP by 212 points and its MP by 183 points every 2 sec for 20 sec .

Fine Recovery Serum

Fine Recovery Serum

Available for Level 60 or higher

Instantly restores 1940 HP and 1680 MP.

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