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Masked Loiterers


Order: You heard strangers were lurking around northwest of the citadel. Meet Spiros to hear about the specifics.


Step 1. Talk with SpirosA Guardian patrolling the inside of Verteron Citadel. He is very popular with the ladies..

Step 2. Scout around Verteron CitadelA fortress at the center of Verteron Swamp. It was constructed to defend the Abyss Gate. for suspicious strangers.

Step 3. Scouting completed! Report back to Spiros.

Step 4. Collect the Revolutionary SymbolA symbol known to be carried by Lepharist Revolutionaries. and take them to Spiros. (You need to collect: Revolutionary SymbolA symbol known to be carried by Lepharist Revolutionaries.)

Category mission
Race Elyos
Location Verteron
Quest Level12
Required Level10

Drop Monster


Drop ItemsRevolutionary Symbol
Drop Probab.100%

Starting NPC


Finishing NPCSpiros
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 31800

Minor Life Serum

Minor Life Serum

Available for Level 10 or higher

Recovers HP by 340.

Additional Information

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    13 Responses to Masked Loiterers

    1. crossmr says:

      These symbols are a major pain. The drop rate seems to be so low.
      80 revolutionaries killed (at least) and I’ve only gotten 1.

    2. Sadnem says:

      crossmr i killed 5 of them and all of them dropped the symbol, i dont thin the drop rate is so low

    3. bob says:

      i got 5 for 5 when i farmed right spot. DO NOT kill mercs at the farm. just outside verteron is a area with a small pond and the people spawn there. if you kill thoose ones drop rate is 100% (or very close to it)

    4. bob says:

      however when at the wrong spot i killed 200 and did all other quests but did not get 1 drop

    5. vaay says:

      i can not complete on step2. i goto all white big crystal and i see every camp

    6. chema says:

      the same happens to me T_T i go to the place in the screenshot but nothing happens any idea why??? or how to fix it ?

    7. chema says:

      is it a bug???

    8. lucas says:

      eu tbm n consigo a etapa 2 … explica meçlhor isso ai

    9. Tsuyoshi says:

      You guys need to scout the little camps outside of Verteron, just fly over it or run past it don’t go exactly where the screenshot shows.
      Rate is 100% and drops only from those.

    10. Digao says:

      I already got 5 badges, I can not make the most of the crystals can someone help me.

    11. ReiZero says:

      i cant complete step 2 – i can see the crystal but i cant pick it 🙁 help me 🙁

    12. Tequila says:

      Bob said right. DO NOT kill mobs at the farm! Just outside Verteron. If you kill those ones drop rate is 100%!!!!

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