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Stolen Jewelry


Kobolds stole jewelry from the village. Defeat them and return Naia’s wedding gifts.


Step 1. Find Naia’s jewelry in the Dukaki SettlementA village of Kobolds subjugated by the Tursin Krall, to the northeast of Tolbas Village. and bring it back. (You need to collect: Naia’s Bracelet)

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Verteron
Quest Level16
Required Level14

Drop Monster

Dukaki Bruiser
Dukaki Watcher
Kobold Cook

Drop ItemsNaia’s Bracelet
Naia’s Necklace
Naia’s Ring
Drop Probab.Very High
Very High
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 39750
Kinah: 9080

Selectable Rewards:

Naia’s Jewel Earrings

Naia’s Jewel Earrings

Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 14 or higher

Magical Resistance:41  


Naia’s Crystal Earrings

Naia’s Crystal Earrings

Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 14 or higher

Magical Resistance:41  

Magic Boost+10  

Additional Information

  • Bracelet, necklace and ring are random drops with very low drop rate, especially bracelet. Dukaki Bruisers seems to be the best mobs for farming these drops.

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18 Responses to Stolen Jewelry

  1. Hobz says:

    Ring seams to be really rare to get for some reason…

  2. Mikro says:

    The ring should be dropping from the cooks. You can find a couple cooks right next to Poppy (Missing Poppy quest)

  3. Shikyo says:

    Thank you Mikro! I killed like 100 mobs before reading your post. Frist cook killed gave me the ring.

  4. Thanatos says:

    Dukaki Watcher for necklace…

  5. Burlap says:

    First kills for Watcher, Bruiser, and Cook gave all three pieces.

  6. Valero says:

    Dang it — been killing peons for almost 2 hours, was abot to head back to village and log, and I got agroed by a Bruiser…. killed it — dropped the Bracelet!?!?!?!?

  7. dsfad says:

    kill dukaki smacker for bacelet

    watcher and cook for nenackle and ring

  8. Euphy says:

    I def noticed that Bruisers have a lower drop rate on their bracelets, and takes a few kills to get it.
    The watchers dropped the necklace within the first two times, and the cooks have dropped the ring first go every time for me.
    Ive done this quest 6 times now.

  9. Friddis says:

    Necklace off a watcher. Took forever.

    Although the quest specifies “Dukaki Settlement,” the drops will also come from the mobs in the mining area — that’s where I finally got the necklace.

  10. Mekker says:

    The ring only drops from the cook, Kobold Cook, in the same camp!

  11. Atemi says:

    Got Bracelet of a Bruiser

  12. Rølin says:

    kill the cook, watcher, and bruiser around Poppy
    any other seems to not drop any of the items

  13. shpsousuke says:

    Haha, to make it clear:

    Kobold Cook = Ring

    Dukaki Watcher = Necklace

    Dukaki Bruiser = Bracelet

    Farm each one of those mobs for the respective items, and you’ll finish the quest in no time.

  14. Ivo says:

    got a bracelet form a bruiser too

  15. King says:

    AHahahah….. xD…. it’s hard to drop ^^

  16. Awaken says:

    Bruiser, Watcher and Cook drop all 3 items.

  17. horus says:

    bracelet – bruiser

    necklace – watcher

    ring – cook

  18. thtam2 says:

    wew it take 1 hour to get necklace from watcher =,= some bug?

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