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The Three Keys


Order: There is an important mission regarding the Sky Temple of Arkanis. Go to Anund and get the details.


Step 1. Talk with AnundA Shadow Judge in Morheim Ice Fortress. She is composed and cool-headed..

Step 2. Meet BulaganA Fire Spirit in the Sky Temple of Arkanis in Morheim. It is a loyal servant of Agnita..

Step 3. Enter the Sky Temple of ArkanisAn ancient temple to the west of the Red Lava Cliff. The Sky Temple Entrance is the only way to get in. through the Water RoomThe first spiral tower of the Sky Temple Interior. A water spirit guards the Magic Power Crystal here..

Step 4. Find the KeysRefers to the Wind Key, the Fire Key, and the Abyss Key. and return to Bulagan. (You need to collect: Wind Key)

Step 4.1 Find Wind Key

Find Wind Key thumbnail Find Wind Key thumbnail

Step 4.2 Find Fire Key

Find Fire Key thumbnail Find Fire Key thumbnail

Step 4.3 Find The Abyss Key

Find The Abyss Key thumbnail Find The Abyss Key thumbnail Find The Abyss Key thumbnail

Step 5. Report the result to GelkuginA Shadow Executor in the Nobelium of Alsig Village in Morheim. He is efficient to a fault..

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Morheim
Quest Level 32
Required Level 27

Drop Monster

Wind Key Guardian
Fire Key Guardian
Flame Judge Bolcan

Drop Items Wind Key
Fire Key
Abyss Key
Drop Probab. 100%
First seen in version: 1.5
Updated in version: 2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 1213669

Silence Ring

Silence Ring

Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 32 or higher

Magical Resistance: 51    

Maximum HP +31    

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3 Responses to The Three Keys

  1. Hozuyir says:

    where can i enter the sky temple?

    • Raidanneo says:

      There are four entries to the sky temple. Find the water entrance.

      • Acrim says:

        and if you cannot enter even with a group? i am chanter lvl 35 and even if i am part of a group, i can’t enter the water room…

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