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The Waterworm Plague


Eradicate the Furious Waterworms in Goldrine Free City.


Step 1. Eradicate the Furious WaterwormA Waterworm that lives in Goldrine Free City. The Shugo find this aggressive plant quite troublesome.s. (x9)

Step 2. Talk with RuokA Fatebound Legionary in Goldrine Free City who closely observes the Dragonbound and has doubts about the Shugos who lead them..

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Danaria
Quest Level65
Required Level64
First seen in version:
In-Game Link


XP: 5169830

Selectable Rewards:

Superior Life Potion

Superior Life Potion

Available for Level 70 or higher

Restores … HP every … for ….

Superior Mana Potion

Superior Mana Potion

Available for Level 70 or higher

Restores the target’s MP by … points every … for ….

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