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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Prior Research65Sillus Danuar MysticariumAsmodians
Punch That Brax!65DanariaElyos
Records of the Past65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Reducing Staff65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Reliquary Reconaissance65Danuar ReliquaryElyos
Reports Are Overrated65DanariaElyos
Resistance is Futile65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Rewriting the Present65DanariaElyos
Search and Destroy65Idian DepthsElyos
Seek and Interpret65Idian DepthsElyos
Sewer Systems are Key65DanariaElyos
Shadows of Despair65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Sheban Basin Blues65DanariaElyos
Showing 'Em How It's Done65DanariaElyos
Shulack's Trash, Shugo Treasure65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Slaughteroutpost 565DanariaElyos
Sneak a Peek65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Snout Counting65DanariaAsmodians
Special Unlocking Device65Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Spooky Action at a Distance65Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
Squashing the Squatters65DanariaAsmodians
Strange Steel65DanariaAsmodians
Strange Water65DanariaElyos
Strategic Response65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Supplier Denier65DanariaElyos
Sure to Get the Message65DanariaAsmodians
The Angry Commander65DanariaAsmodians
The Back Way In65Idian DepthsAsmodians
The Chief Priest's Daughter65DanariaElyos
The Fixer65DanariaElyos Asmodians
The Forgotten Reliquary65Danuar ReliquaryAsmodians
The Ide Adds Flavor65Idian DepthsElyos Asmodians
The Officer's Offer Redux65Idian DepthsElyos
The Ophidan Bridge65Ophidan BridgeElyos
The Remnant Officer's Offer65Idian DepthsElyos
The Sauro Supply Base65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
The Shugo Guru65DanariaAsmodians
The Stone Legion65DanariaAsmodians
The Threat From Within65DanariaElyos
The Waterworm Plague65DanariaAsmodians
These Two Don't Get Along65Idian DepthsElyos
They Must Have Looted Them65DanariaElyos
Tomb of the Elder65Idian DepthsElyos
Too Busy to Work65DanariaAsmodians
Too Many Reminders65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Unexpected Gain65Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Unfurled Wings with Empty Stomachs65Idian DepthsAsmodians
Unsafe Work Environment65Idian DepthsElyos
Unusual Observations65DanariaAsmodians
We're Stealin' It Back65DanariaAsmodians
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