Aion Guides Page is a collection of different guides for all the Aion Players that are a little bit confused with some Aion in-game system.

Aion daily Quest Guide: Blackheart, Cold Hands

The boss is invisible at first and appears only when you are very close to its location. It is a normal mob but it is linked to a hero mob. Don’t forget that you have to spawn Blackheart!
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How to collect enough food for your Aion pet

The best way to feed any pet: gather with your lowbies. I mean, most people have more than one alt. Yeah, selling the trash to a vendor will rake in easy kinah, but if you want to take the chance, it’s there.
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Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet

Aqua Griffo pet is a part of the 12 month veteran reward package. This cute pet eats only items that actually say ‘ensouled’ in the title like: Ensouled Armor, Ensouled Boggart Cloak, Ensouled Chakranta Fragment, Ensouled Fragment, Ensouled Mugolem Fragment or Ensouled Petrahulk Fragment. But so far no one actually find out how to get those items.
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How to obtain blue Heraloene’s Weapons

When we finished the Blue Inferno Sword guide a lot of players asked if we can find anything similar for Asmos. A Spy quest The Spirit’s Letter is one of those quests, not very hard, but little frustrating:) which rewards a fantastic 26 level Blue weapons for Asmodians only.
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Aion 2.0 Pets

Aion’s free expansion Assault on Balaurea is announced for September 7th. Among the huge list of new features in this enormous update (about 3 or 4 gigs of new content) was the mention of Aion Pet System.
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How to obtain Aion Blue Inferno sword

Welcome to another Aion guide about blue rewards and unusual quests. This time you don’t have to kill bosses, you don’t need a group and surprisingly you don’t have to grind (at least not too much). I hope these information have attracted your attention.
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Fire Temple Guide

When you hit level 30 Fire Temple will become an important instance for you. You can access it very often – a lockdown is 30 minutes from the moment you enter the instance, you have a very good chance to get your first gold loot and it’s a really good way to get XP.
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Aion Kisks – How to create more resurrection options

While questing, visiting Abyss, or just exploring new locations, there is a great chance that you will run into nasty mobs or unfriendly players and be defeated. You can always resurrect at an obelisk spot, but it’s much convenient if you can avoid great distance traveling.
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Aion Snaggletooth and Basalmon’s Shield

Are you looking for a way to get great blue shield level 30 for free? Get ready for farming Snaggletooth and Basalmon’s Shield.
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Aion Bosses Kratia & Harpback

When you enter Eracus Temple fly down. On your left side is a large platform with mugolems. She spawns near the base of the platform. The best place for killing Kratia is near her spawn place. You can kill her without getting other aggro, and also be hidden from other players who will try to KS you. Kratia is walking around Eracus Temple so the next place where you can pull her is a waterfall at the other side of Eracus Temple.
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How to change armor or weapon type in Aion

Apparently, we’re always looking for drops with better stats, but when we finally get them, it usually turns out to be of wrong armor or weapon type. Aion designers have provided a remarkable option that can solve this problem.
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Aion Auction House tips

With the latest patch notes the main Auction House search frustration has disappeared – searching items in the Auction House is no longer case sensitive! Before heading to the Trade Broker here are some tips you should be aware of:
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How to get Advanced Stigma Slots in Aion?

At level 20, when you finish the quest A Sliver of Darkness (Elyos) or No Escaping Destiny (Asmo) you will be able to equip your first Stigma Stones. As a reward you will get your first Stigma Stone for free and 300 Stigma Shards. Two Stigma slots will be available and after that you will unlock new stigma slot every 10 levels.
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How to expand your inventory cube in Aion?

When you start, you’ll have 27 cube slots + 1 extra inventory slot for Quest item in your inventory bag. Although it may appear like a lot of space, soon you’ll realize that you need additional slots. You can expand your Cube by visiting a Cube Artisan in most towns or villages and paying a fee. Your default Cube, 27 inventory slots, is 3 rows of 9 slots.
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Aion Attributes and Stats

The power to create and change stats and attributes is welcome in every MMORPG. While you are trying to get the best armor sets or weapons additional attributes will help you to be proud of your non-green/blue/orange items.
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Gathering materials

Unlike many others MMORPGs, you will be able to collect gatherables in Aion as soon as you start your journey. Aion gathering/extracting skill is not specific to your profession. You can gather whatever you like and things you collect are used by all other professions. Beside getting materials for other professions you also get a small amount of exp for every collected item. Also, many quests require you to gather materials (and give you additional incentive to skill up your gathering skill).
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How to resurrect yourself at the current spot?

After 20 levels of beautiful and friendly PvE zones, my first contact with PvP zone wasn’t very successful. No mater if you die because of a monster or unfriendly Asmodian/Elyos hand, the result is the same – you are dead. Usually you can resurrect immediately at obelisk spot, but it is much more convenient to be resurrect by someone at the current spot, so you don’t have to run all the way back. If you cannot find anyone to resurrect you within 30 minutes you have to use your obelisk resurrection.
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Dyes and Petals

As you already guess you can change the color of your armor. If you ask why should I do this? The answer is – only for show. You can dye every piece of your armor and you will need one dye per item but there are some restrictions. You can not dye Accessories, Draconic, Abyss and Unique Items. Dye and petals are items that are used to change the color of the armor.
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Aion Leveling Guide Elyos 1-10

We all have the same questions: where do we go next, how to level quick and easy so we can enjoy the end game content and PvP as soon as possible. In other words, how do we make the level grind easier? This guide is written as a walkthrough for those who are starting anew. Characters in this game level primarily through finishing quests and missions given by the NPCs and by killing monsters. This way, you will follow the Aion storyline and with a few tips and tricks you wont even notice that you have reached level 10 and exited the first land with all quests done and maximum experience collected. This guide is applicable to all classes.
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Aion Titles

Titles are speecial reward you can choose to be displayed over your character. In Aion titles are not just for show but they also provide you with useful bonuses that can give you that small bit of edge over your opponent. Below you will find a complete list of titles along with the quests through which you can obtain them and the bonuses they provide.
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Stones Systems

Stigma System and Stones

The Stigma system is in a form of a skill slot tree that allows the players to further customize their characters. In this way the players of the same class have different abilities that can not be learn from books.
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Aion Enchantment Stones

Before you can use Enchantment stones, you must create them. In order to create them, visit a nearby General Goods Merchant and purchase Extraction Tools.
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Aion Manastones

Manastones contain a certain statistic and a certain value. For example, Manastone: Accuracy +12. In this case, this Manastone would add 12 to your Accuracy value if you placed it into a socket of one of your equipped items.
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Abyss Points System

Abyss points are earned from fighting against the opposing race or opposing NPC guards. These can be gained entered via a rift. The number of Abyss Points earned can be viewed in the Abyss tab of the Character status window. Abyss Points can be lost when killed by enemies in combat.
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Flying and Gliding in Aion

When you hit level 10 you will receive your wings. Your ability to fly will be indicated by your Flight Meter, which will light up when you enter a flight zone. Flight is limited to 60 seconds.
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Pet Guides

Fire Spirit Pet

The spirits are not available initially but will be gained via skillbooks as you progress through the levels. At level 10 visit your trainer and buy the skill to summon. The Fire Spirit is a melee style summon with high burst damage.
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Earth Spirit Pet

The Earth Spirit is a melee style summon with average damage accompanied by strong defensive capabilities. When soloing there is no better choice as high Vitality and Defenses mean very little healing is required.
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Wind Spirit Pet

The Wind Spirit is the third of the melee style summons offering high damage and the ability to stun. Probably the preferred spirit for PvP prior to the level cap, the Wind Spirit is the fastest and strongly based around criticals.
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Water Spirit Pet

The Water Spirit is the only of the four original spirits to be of a ranged nature and also deal mostly magical damage even on auto attacks.
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  6. Noite says:

    destroy the green power generator

    the turisin krall are trying to open the gate to the abyss. receive your orders from kalion, and destroy the gate

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