Aion Water Spirit Pet

Spiritmaster’s pets are called Spirits. As you level up, characters will obtain new skills that allow you to summon larger and more powerful versions of the spirits. A Spiritmaster has skills to summon one of four spirits at a time based on one or more of the four core elements; fire, earth, wind, and water (at level 10).

Water Spirit

The Water Spirit is the only of the four original spirits to be of a ranged nature and also deal mostly magical damage even on auto attacks. Although most people may feel a need to acquire a Water Spirit prior to the level cap, its use is almost ansent from existance prior to reaching said cap. This spirit is very focused in its nature and as such suffers across the board with below average Vitality, Speed, Attack, and Physical Defense but standing out with the highest Magical Defense. Its command ability to crash opponents from their flying state causing them to immediately fall to the ground or their death is unique within the game. When used with the Wall of Protection command the Water Spirit provides boosts to Magical Accuracy and Magical Resistance.

A Spiritmaster may find that it prefers to use the Water Spirit in many parties because of its ranged nature and magical damage. When most of your targets are going to have high Physical Defenses then the magical burst style damage of the Water Spirit can be very useful. Additionally it can be kept at range during fights containing significat aoes and can help to prevent escape during PvP.

Dropped from mobs

  • Wind and Water spirit books are dropped from mobs of the same sprite. On the Asmodian side it drops near the Impetisium, on the Elyos side it drops around the Ardus Shrine.
  • the Wind/Water spirits the first books of them can be found from the Whirlpool (water) and Atmosphere (wind) spirits around the holy ground area of Verteron. Assuming you are playing Elyos
Water Spirit I
Available for Level 19 or higher
Mist Spirit18Altgard
Splash Spirit I
Available for Level 19 or higher
Splash Spirit18Altgard


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