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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
A Bloody Task1IshalgenAsmodians
Asmodian Quest1Ascension QuestsAsmodians
Danuar Sanctuary1Danuar SanctuaryElyos
Danuar Sanctuary1Danuar SanctuaryAsmodians
Kalio's Call1PoetaElyos
Kamar Battlefield1Danuar SanctuaryElyos Asmodians
Kerubar Hunt1PoetaElyos
On Your Feet!1IshalgenAsmodians
Ophidan Bridge1Ophidan BridgeElyos
Ophidan Bridge1Ophidan BridgeAsmodians
Order of the Captain1IshalgenAsmodians
Simple Talk Function Expansion Test1EltnenElyos Asmodians
Sleeping on the Job1PoetaElyos
Symbol of the Chosen1SanctumElyos Asmodians
[Event] Ahead of the Trends1PoetaElyos
[Event] Just One New Thing1IshalgenAsmodians
A New Skill2PoetaElyos
Grain Thieves2PoetaElyos
Meeting the Fruit Quota2IshalgenAsmodians
Report to Polinia2PoetaElyos
Sparkle and Shine2IshalgenAsmodians
The Snuffler Headache2PoetaElyos
The Sprigg Report2IshalgenAsmodians
A House Guest3PoetaElyos
A New Skill3IshalgenAsmodians
Abandoned Goods3PoetaElyos
Azpha For Health And Well-being3IshalgenAsmodians
Brotherly Love3IshalgenAsmodians
For Love of Negi3IshalgenAsmodians
Helping Kales3PoetaElyos
Love in Bloom3IshalgenAsmodians
Message to Madeline3PoetaElyos
Return to Sender3IshalgenAsmodians
Swallowing Pride3IshalgenAsmodians
The Kerubim Threat3PoetaElyos
The Lost Axe3PoetaElyos
The Shinier the Better3IshalgenAsmodians
Thinking Ahead3IshalgenAsmodians
Uno's Ingredients3PoetaElyos
Vanar's Flattery3IshalgenAsmodians
A Book for Namus4PoetaElyos
Idle Hands4IshalgenAsmodians
Insomnia Medicine4PoetaElyos
Mushroom Thieves4PoetaElyos
To Fish in Peace4PoetaElyos
Token of a Lost Love4IshalgenAsmodians
Urd's Request4IshalgenAsmodians
A Delivery of Leather5IshalgenAsmodians
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