Aion daily Quest Guide: Blackheart, Cold Hands

I believe this is one of the most complicated and also very expensive daily quest. If you died several times and couldn’t find Blackheart Undarr I believe this guide will be of great help to you. We would like to thank Eggs for all screenshots and tips.

Blackheart is surrounded by 4 dot hero grade mobs. Still, you can get through most of it by carefully skirting the elites’ aggro areas. If you’re a sin, you can get all the way to the back and do this solo without dying. Regardless of your class, kisk close and bring self-rez stones because you’re probably going to die a few times doing this. This is much easier if you bring someone who can aggro the heroes and eat a death for you so you can pull Blackheart.

The boss is invisible at first and appears only when you are very close to its location. It is a normal mob but it is linked to a hero mob. Don’t forget that you have to spawn Blackheart!

First, get here. Next, glide to the ledge marked “X.” After making sure the roamers below are far away, jump through the branches at “O.” Fall a bit, the glide straight in the direction of the arrow to a small, raised area.
Aion Blackheart 1

Close-up of where to jump
Aion Blackheart 2

The safe area looks like this. The arrow marks the position of the ledge you just jumped from. You’ll be walking down the middle of the road in the direction I’m facing in the screenshot.
Aion Blackheart 3

You’ll come to a place with a Hunterseeker on the right and a Rampager (iirc) on the left. You have to stay between the aggro circles on both sides as you walk down the road. I just aim for the tip of this shadow. You can do this without stealth. Keep following the path.
Aion Blackheart 4

Follow the arrow, avoiding the aggro circles as you go. You have to be careful of the floating eyes, and a couple of pathing balaur elites that path through where you want to go.The Reapers on the right side of the entryway don’t see Hide 2. If you’re planning to train to the back to break aggro, take a look at the next few screenshots before trying so you know where the mobs leash.
Aion Blackheart 5

This is just past the Reapers at the entryway. You have to walk around the Curatus at A to get Blackheart to spawn @ B– right beside a 4 dot hero. Another Captain (4 Dot hero as well) paths from C1-C2. The Curatus doesn’t see Hide 2, but the Captains do. The captain @ B will aggro if you try to pull Blackheart (and the Captain at C might also if you botch the pathing).There’s also a Triarus on the right that I didn’t mark.The best way to do this is to pull from the opposite side (which is full of drakies that don’t see Hide 2). In order to get to the other side, wait for the Captain to be at C1, then hop over the middle of the carcass @ E, and then run behind the tree root @ D.
Aion Blackheart 6

Carcass shot. The Drakies are 1-dot elites.
Aion Blackheart 7

You want to pull Blackheart from the side the carcass is on when the pathing Captain is at C2, and then cross over to the other side of the path (D). This should ensure that you only get one captain with Blackheart. The captain leashes around the roots of the dead tree in the picture… most of the time :P. where I’m standing is where you want to fight Blackheart and/or die peacefully in an area without mobs if you’re training in.
Aion Blackheart 8

At the very back of the drakie area is a pile of rocks with a nest full of drakie eggs. Depending on what you aggroed and where, a lot of mobs can be made to leash by jumping up here as well. As a sin, I usually just use arrows to poison Blackheart then run through all the drakies in stealth, jump up on the ledge and then run back and intercept him at D.
Aion Blackheart 9

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  1. SmokinJoe says:

    NCsoft has blocked this path. once you get on top of the wall, there is a barrier there that keeps you from getting past the gate.

  2. violet says:

    There is a great video on YouTube about this quest.
    Though I don’t know if that bug works on all servers.

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