Aion Guide: How to obtain blue Heraloene’s Weapons

When we finished the Blue Inferno Sword guide a lot of players asked if we can find anything similar for Asmos. A Spy quest The Spirit’s Letter is one of those quests, not very hard, but little frustrating:) which rewards a fantastic 26 level Blue weapons for Asmodians only.

Step one: Get the Faded Letter.

A Fadded Letter is a guest giving item that starts the Spy Quest The Spirit’s Letter. Any Spectral Mage/Soldier/Warrior in Fortress of Spirits (Desert area – Morheim) has a chance to drop it. But expect hours of grinding before you get it. Ancient Elyos Spirits are level 25-28 with high respawn rate.

Step two: Find the rift

Finding the rifts is not easy as it looks. When you see the server message that rifts have been opened your first step is to ask other players where it can be found (use Chat window) if you don’t have time or nerves to camp out at the rift locations. There are several rift locations in Beluslan through which you can go directly to Heiron.

Also, you can use a Memo Pad and save rift locations:

Asmodian Beluslan -> Heiron Rifts

Beluslan [pos:Entrance A <24 entries lv<=38>;220040000 233.323499491353 150.910478128179 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit A;210040000 2132.44408019165 434.266044634977 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance B <36 entries lv<=42>;220040000 1301.48219735504 634.12512716175 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit B;210040000 1955.92157357206 1821.22859664607 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance C <48 entries lv<=46>;220040000 767.402848423194 2226.19023397762 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit C;210040000 871.569032908839 903.311562224183 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance D <48 entries lv<=46>;220040000 2069.53916581892 262.812817904374 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit D;210040000 861.482032530576 2194.44761064179 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance E <60 entries lv<=50>;220040000 2842.68260427263 618.865717192269 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit E;210040000 291.566511158744 2658.44962804186 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance F <60 entries lv<=50>;220040000 2812.16378433367 2561.89725330621 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit F;210040000 362.175513806582 514.962047661077 0.0 -1]
Beluslan [pos:Entrance G <72 entries lv<=50>;220040000 1596.49745676501 2053.2502543235 0.0 -1] Heiron [pos:Exit G;210040000 1905.48657168075 2577.75362501576 0.0 -1]

Beluslan Entrance

Heiron exit

Step three: Important stuffs – Kisk, Potions, Tombstone of Revival, full DP and speed scrolls

Make sure you have heal over time potions, big heal potions and Odessa Powder. If you want to save Kinah and time you should have a Kisk. I would recommend reading our Kisk guide first. You can think of the Kisk Stones as a mobile Obelisks. You can buy them from a General Goods Merchants at every capitols and summon them nearly everywhere. They last 2 hours, are purchasable for ~30k, if you die you don’t res with Soul Sickness or XP loss. Since you are entering area with higher level mobs and Elyos you should go through the rift, log out and wait for a less active time (after 1am).

Also, it will be convenient to have several Tombstone of Revival which will give you the opportunity to resurrect at the current location.

Another important tips are: fill your DP before you go through the rift and don’t forget to buy speed scrolls!

Step four: How to find NPC Heraloene

The last step in the The Spirit’s Letter quest is to deliver the letter to Heraloene in the Jeiaparan Village of Elysea. Jeiaparan Village is a small fishing village on the eastern end of the Patema Ruins in Heiron (white x on the Heiron rifts map). There are several ways you can get to NPC Heraloene

Beluslan Entrance

Heiron exit

G rift : At the first glance it seems that the best and easies way to find Heraloene is through the G rift in Beluslan. But don’t forget that the entrance and exit point of this rift is deep in higher level mobs area and these mobs see through stealth.

A rift – dark green path:
If you choose the rift A – Beluslan Fortress entrance – Heiron Pass Exit, the path is much longer but there are several points from which you can glade and cover huge distances. This is much safer and faster than running through monsters and Elyos. The Heiron Observatory (A2) is your second point but also the place with NPC guards and Elyos players. It’s the halfway point on your journey, so try to find a safe spot and place your kisk.

At the A3 point you have two options. If you decide to go South (dark green path) it may seem faster and easier but you will run into an Elyos guard patrol, which is guarding an arch way at point A4. Elyos guard patrol see through stealth. However if you turn right before the arch and hop a wall you can get around it. Then follow the stream around the Village. Behind the village is the Old guy (A8 point).

If you turn North (light green path) from A3 watch out for pathing humanoids, there are a lot of them here. When you reach A5, turn east and hug the walls to your right. A6 is your next point. There is a bridge where you can hide and be out of sight and aggro. If you haven’t place any kisk yet, this is your best place for the kisk. Point A7 is the minefield. There are invisible high level mobs that see through stealth. They are located mostly along the walls so your best bet is running in the open if there are no Elyos on your radar. Move fast, don’t stop, and use every survival ability you have the second a ghost aggros you. Pop your big heal pots (they will take half your health per hit on most classes) and use a speed scroll if you have one. Get into the water at all costs.

Point A8 is the safe spot and the location you’ll wait for Heraloene. He will path out of the village down to the water, so don’t get impatient. Wait here and watch him on your map (you’ll see the quest turn in icon). Until he starts down, stay out. There are high level NPCs and Elyos in the village. None of the mobs in the water will aggro you, so I suggest laying low until you can turn in.

C-Rift – blue path If you manage to find C rift, you can reach the Heiron Observatory (point A2) without much difficulties. From point A2 follow the steps we wrote in section A rift.

B-Rift – red path If you use the rift at location B your exit point will be surrounded by higher level mobs. Just wait for the mobs to path away and make your way through them to point A4.


There are 5 blue selectable rewards: Heraloene’s Sword, Helione’s Warhammer, Heraloene’s Spear, Heraloene’s Longbow, Heraloene’s Tome

Helione WarhammerHelione Warhammer StatsHeraloene LongbowHeraloene Longbow StatsHeraloene Spear
Heraloene Spear StatsHeraloene SwordHeraloene Sword StatsHeraloene TomeHeraloene Tome Stats

We would like to thank Zam for several important tips.

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