Aion Life coverage of GamesCom 2010 with community questions

GamesCom, the biggest gathering of game makers and gamers in Europe. Last year it was visited by 245,000 people, which made it one of the largest games trade fairs in the world. Guess what? We’re going and we’re stalking NCSoft booth!

As you all know NCSoft made a big appearance on last year’s GamesCom and we don’t expect anything less this year, especially with Aion 2.0 just around the corner. We packed our bags, bought ourselves a good camera, packed the kid off to grandma’s and bought the tickets to Cologne, Germany.

We will be there to bring you the best coverage of all the Aion goodness. You can expect all kinds of coverage, from news and show floor gossip to live blogging and videos of all Aion 2.0 footage they will let us see. Things will kick off on Wednesday, August 18th, which is press only day, and we’ll try and get you as much info as possible starting noon.

We would also like to share the excitement of attending Gamescom with the Aion community. For all of those that will not be able to be there in person we would like you to use our site as the vessel to take your message to NCSoft We will pick a few of the best community questions and try and get an answer directly from the source. You can submit your questions in the comment section bellow or you can post on the official forums @!

Please refrain from questions that you know will be answered with a “No comment”. If everything goes as planned we plan on rewarding the best questions with swag we pick up at the show so make sure you leave a valid email.

If you are attending as well drop us a line. We’d love to meet other Aion fans.

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5 Responses to Aion Life coverage of GamesCom 2010 with community questions

  1. Michiel van Veldhuizen says:

    Dear NCsoft Community

    I was wondering when we will see real westernizing because all we see now is the patch of korea

    Thank you


  2. Rillas says:

    My questions:

    – Will we have events same as in Korea version (like Summer event with unique summer costumes), or nice 1-year anniversary of Aion in EU/NA. If we can’t have same event like Koreans (see Wonder Girls event, coz they can’t come to US/NA servers), will we have same /emotes, costumes available later in-game? Or we will never get these emotes / costumes? :O Will we have ability to win in event more rare/unique dyes (coz Koreans has more then we do) – like True Red / Pink / White / Black?

    – We heard that later patches will be more localized for each region (like Koreans more grind, NA/EU more pvp/exp from quests), will be 2.0 start to go this way (more exp, righter drop rate then Koreans) or it will be still all same as Korea has.

    – That they plan to do, to protect “losing side”/”side with less ppl” players from being constantly “worse side” in Balaurea, taking into account the fact many non-pvp content of Balaurea (instances = pve) depends on fractions balance.

  3. Michael says:


    1. We have heard a rumour about Ncsoft setting up an Overseas development team for Aion, to listen more closely to our opinions & suggestions.
    Any truth in this ? What will be their jobs over here, and what will they focus on first ?
    2. As a casual gamer i find it hard to enjoy aion fully, especially when it comes to (Player Vs Player) Griefing and ganking is a hughe part of this game, will they ever look upon this and maybe go another way and implement maybe something more similar to (Scenarios, Battlegrounds, LvL restrictions in the abyss) ?
    3. One of the things i love about a mmmorpg most, is character progression, character customization. No one likes to end up the same like everyone else, will they implement more choices to us ? Such as Mastery abilities, skill tree ?
    4. We all know Eu/Na doesnt share the same forum, why is this ? And will we be more united with out fellow neighbours in the US more in the future like sharing the same Forums ?
    5. What will we see in the future of Aion, any Hints for us ? 🙂

    1,3,5 is the most important ones. Thx

  4. Slimy says:

    Hi, here are mine:
    – When there will be something done? Currently the game has many imbalance issues, bugs, and just plain lack of feedback, as well as seems as lack of effort put into to please players.
    – Why are you ignoring players on forums, and how we rage day after day and nothing is done?
    – How long will you test our patients?

  5. WoGGhA says:

    -It is possible to see 2.0 EU live version updated with korean patch from 18th August (wich in game add quest where can players easily obtain attack speed and casting speed weapons?
    -Why you don’t better use english powerwiki? At korean version i see every day new article and (what is most interesting) some articles respond players questions about game mechanics. Do you plan any improve on powerwiki(atleast with translation of some korean articles)?
    -Korean website have since update 2.0 awesome features (avatarbook, better abyss and balaurea status, vendor statistics…). Will we see some of them on na/eu websites?
    – Isn’t pity that Yongchan Jee is working on another project? He were looks very likeable and that he had very good idea of future of Aion.
    – Don’t u think that u miss out in 2.0 main feature of the game (flying- dont talk about gliding)? Guys u could improve Abyss instead of adding new maps?
    – Won’t be good to add some improvement to inner fortress dungeons like u made it for dredgion? If u give there powerful mobs and higher level of treasure boxes it could be fine. Now in 2.0 we have only one new abyss instance and Roah Asteria with one box in each…
    – It is shame that u in na/eu fail this outstanding game. 2.0 update finally complete content for progress until 50lvl. I’m curious what new features will korean guys prepare. Hope for some legion base content because this game need it as hell!

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