Aion 2.0. from August 18th 2010 on Test server

If you are wondering why the Aion Public Test Server is down, here’s the answer:

The NA Public Test Server (PTS) was brought down this past week to prepare for testing of Assault on Balaurea, the free upcoming Aion expansion often referred to as Aion 2.0. The PTS database will be reset completely as a part of this, and all PTS characters and Legions will be removed. Keep in mind that the progression rates on the PTS have received a significant boost compared to the rates of our regular servers.

The PTS will reopen its majestic gates on August 18th 2010, with the new expansion ready for some testing action. Aion: Assault on Balaruea will be available across all servers September 7th 2010.

For instructions on how to access the PTS, please head on over to the Public Test Server PowerWiki page or the Public Test Server forum. Don’t miss the opportunity to help us test this major content addition before it hits the live servers!

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