New character model coming to Aion

Tamat is currently working on the top secret project and he needs your help. He wants your opinion about which character model you like more. Just to clarify, this character model is not our 1-year reward. (the 1 year veteran reward will be epic). Check out the newest Tamat post for all the information and don’t forget to vote!

P.S. I have spotted on an interesting video – Aion Online CM shows us patch 1.9 in a tiger suit! Is it just coincident or something more?

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2 Responses to New character model coming to Aion

  1. Nicki says:

    Oooooh as much as I hate pink, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink tiger!!!! Gimme gimme GIMME!!! 😀

  2. Shalie says:

    The outfit I saw over and over in this vidoe is the Tutty outfit given away on twitter and now well known from the Sandeigo Comic Con, not a tiger (unless I missed the tiger outfit?)

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