How to create more resurrection options in Aion

While questing, visiting Abyss, or just exploring new locations, there is a great chance that you will run into nasty mobs or unfriendly players and be defeated. You can always resurrect at an obelisk spot, but it’s much convenient if you can avoid great distance traveling. If you have Tombstone of Revival you can resurrect at the current location, but if you want to speed things up for entire group be sure to have a Kisk Stone in your inventory bag. When you use the Kisk Stone, you will get one more resurrect point if you die.

Kisk Stones

You can think of the Kisk Stones as a mobile Obelisks. You can buy them from a General Goods Merchants at every capitols and summon them nearly everywhere. Depending on the Kisk size, a different amount of people can bind to it. The Kisk lasts for two hours or until destroyed by the enemies. Kisk Stones resurrects players a limited number of times.

There are four different Kisk sizes:

  • Personal Kisk: Reward from quests Abyss Training (Elyos) and Abyss Battle Training (Asmodians) at level 25
  • Group Kisk: Can be bought at General Goods Merchants ~35000 Kinah, maximum 6 players can be registered
  • Alliance Kisk: Can be bought at General Goods Merchants ~105000 Kinah,maximum 24 players can be registered)
  • Legion Kisk: Can be bought at Legion Item vendor, maximum 48 players can be registered

When you activate the Kisk, a confirmation screen gives you information about the amount of people that can bind to the Kisk, resurrection times left and remaining time.

Where to place the Kisk Stone

When you die, you’ll get the option to resurrect at the Kisk or Obelisk location you have bound to. It’s highly recommend to explore and find a hard-reachable location to place the Kisk. In this case even if the enemy saw you resurrection point, it would take him a lot of time to find out the way to get to you. You can also hide your Kisk inside another item so that it cannot be seen.

If enemies find your Kisk they can destroy it or decide to camp near your Kisk where they can easily kill you while you are under soul sickness. Unfortunately when you find out that someone is camping your Kisk Stone it’s usually too late. In this case don’t forget that you always have an option to resurrect at Obelisk point too.

Important Kisk Tips

  • You can’t use your return skill to go back to the Kisk.
  • A Curse prevents the use of a Kisk’s resurrection.
  • Just as with any other type of resurrection all death penalties apply.
  • Kisk Stone reuse time is 30 min

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