Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet

Aqua Griffo pet is a part of the 12 month veteran reward package. This cute pet eats only items that actually say ‘ensouled’ in the title like: Ensouled Armor, Ensouled Boggart Cloak, Ensouled Chakranta Fragment, Ensouled Fragment, Ensouled Mugolem Fragment or Ensouled Petrahulk Fragment. But so far no one actually find out how to get those items.

At first I tried to feed him with different gray items, but he didn’t like them and kept spitting them out. So I did a little research and found an article on PowerWiki Pet Food with a list of Soul/Ensouled Food Type.

So far my little pet likes: Cursed Soul Fragment, Hazy Mamut Soul, Hazy Mau Soul and when he eats enough he spits out Major Aqua Griffo Bundle! When I opened my firs gift up I got 15 Aether. I was little disappointed but it’s a gift from my lovely pet:)

The Aqua Griffo will provide your characters with 18 convenient inventory slots, produce Aether items, and signal when enemies approach!

Item NameDrop MonsterMonster LevelAppearing Region
Shabby Soul FragmentAncient Elyos Spirit17Verteron –  Altamia Ridge
Soldier SoulCrushed Soul25Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Asmodian Soul PieceImmortal Warrior25Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Golem FragmentOdium Golem25Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Elyos SoulEternal Warrior25Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Asmodian SoulImmortal Warrior26Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Elyos SoulEternal Warrior26Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Coarse Golem FragmentOdium Golem26Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Coarse Soul FragmentSpectral Soldier26Morheim –  Fortress of Sorrow
Intact Magician SoulHorrid Ancient Mage27Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Soldier SoulSkeletal Miscreant30Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Intact Villager SoulDisturbed Resident30Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Intact Vengeful SoulGhost of Oblivion30Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Soldier SoulSkeletal Miscreant31Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Villager SoulDisturbed Resident31Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Vengeful SoulGhost of Oblivion31Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Big Golem FragmentDegenerated Golem31Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Solid Soul FragmentWarrior Spirit40Heiron – Patema Ruins
Hazy Mamut SoulMamut Soul41Beluslan –  Mamut Graveyard
Hazy Mau SoulFrostspirit Fighter42Beluslan –  Hoarfrost Fortress
Huge Soul FragmentAncient Dark Spirit43Heiron –  Nolantis Ruins
Hazy Rayal SoulSeafoam Rayal44Beluslan –  Alukina’s Palace
Cursed Soul FragmentCleric Wraith46Pandaemonium- Arena Basement Level 1
Noble Golem of ElimNoah’s Furious Shade50Dark Poeta – The Lost Forest
Contaminated Puca SoulGrim Puca53Inggison
Contaminated Soul FragmentReian Spiritwarrior53Gelkmaros
Huge Jotun SoulAnvilface54Lower Udas Temple – Jotun Studio
Huge SoulThe Great Virhana55Beshmundir Temple – Hero’s Vault
Contaminated Drakan SoulManadar55Beshmundir Temple – Crypt of the Vanquished

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8 Responses to Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet

  1. Nicki says:

    Ooooooooooooh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this information!! 😀

  2. sylene says:

    Thank you for this information. I tried to translate corean/french but thanks to you i prefer english et put it into my site 🙂

  3. Genius says:

    I’m glad the information was useful 🙂

  4. Calice says:

    Smiling Pucas in Inggison also drop Contaminated Puca Souls.

  5. Random says:

    Very good…but how much is, ‘enough’?

    Is it like 10 souls? 100? 1000?

    Do you have to feed them all at once, or can I feed a couple a day without it costing any extra?


  6. Genius says:

    I didn’t count but it’s around 30~40 souls:( and I always feed him all at once

  7. Random says:

    So I just wonder if you feed 40 and he gives the package….maybe he only needed 5 and you wasted 35?

    But then if you feed one at a time over a long period….maybe he ‘digests’ them and you would have to feed 50 or something?

    I’m too lazy to test these things (and dont get my aqua for 10 more days) but I sure wish somebody would test for me…..


  8. Tiny says:

    You cannot waste the food. You cannot over feed your pet. It is about 40 (give or take 2-3). Also, as soon as your pet is full he drops the item and the rest of the food gets sent back to your inventory for later use. I have also noticed (at least with the Ayas) that they are only full for about 10 minutes so you can constantly feed them if you want.

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