Aion Veteran Rewards for 12 Months

Dear Daevas if you have spent last 12 months with Aion you are eligible for goodies in the Master Daeva pack!

Month 12: Master Daeva

1 Aqua Griffo Egg
1 Asmodian Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Elyos Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Fiery Head
5 Major Ancient Crowns

The Master Daeva will earn a whole array of useful rewards! First out is the Aqua Griffo, a rare purebred pet. The Aqua Griffo , waits to stand by your side with unfaltering loyalty. It provides your characters with 18 convenient inventory slots, produces Aether items, and detects unstealthed enemy Daevas. Each of your characters will find endless use for a new handy Personal Reusable Kisk Stone (Elyos and Asmodian versions). You can trade in five Major Ancient Crowns for goodies you’ve been wanting and display a burning passion for Aion with a flaming Firehead Hat.

To redeem your Veteran Rewards, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your NCsoft Master Account.
2. Click the Game Accounts link.
3. Select an Aion game account listed on the Game Accounts page.
4. Click the Apply in-Game Items link in the Action section.
5. Select a server in which you have made a character, and click the Next button.
6. Select a character to receive the Veteran Rewards, and click the Next button.
7. Click the checkbox next to an item pack or packs, and click the Next button.
8. Review the confirmation page, and click the Apply the Items/Item Packs to This Character button.

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  1. Nicki says:

    I love the little Griffo, it’s sooooo CUTE! 😀

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