Aion Leveling Guide 1-10 Elyos

We all have the same questions: where do we go next, how to level quick and easy so we can enjoy the end game content and PvP as soon as possible. In other words, how do we make the level grind easier? This guide is written as a walkthrough for those who are starting anew. Characters in this game level primarily through finishing quests and missions given by the NPCs and by killing monsters. This way, you will follow the Aion storyline and with a few tips and tricks you wont even notice that you have reached level 10 and exited the first land with all quests done and maximum experience collected. This guide is applicable to all classes.

LEVEL 1-3 Akarios Plains

The first NPC Elpas with a blue arrow over his head will give you the quest Sleeping On The Job and you will finish it by talking to the next NPC Mires. Your new quest is Kerubar Hunt and you will finish it by killing 3 Striped Kerub. Kill them and return to the NPC. For the next quest Grain Thieves just collect 4 Kerub Grain Sacks and go back to Mires. With the quest Report to Polinia Mires will send you further down the road to Akarios Village. On this road you will find NPC Kales who will send you to kill Grain Snuffler for the quest The Snuffler Headache . After completing the quest Kales will also send you to Akarios Village to complete the quest Helping Kales.

While you are completing the quests try to collect Aria. It will build your skill level and will assist in later quests. Continue harvesting Aria until your skill is level 10 and then harvest Aria or Apples until you skill reaches 15. A later quest will ask you to harvest Ore which has a requirement of 15.

Quests Summary
  1. Sleeping On The Job,
  2. Kerubar Hunt
  3. Grain Thieves
  4. Report to Polinia
  5. The Snuffler Headache
  6. Helping Kales

LEVEL 3-5 Akarios Village

When you come to Akarios Village bind yourself to the Obelisk in the village to easily return back to this location in the future.
The next step is to find your class trainer. Purchase all the skillbooks you can.
If you have enough Kinah find the Weapons and Armor sellers and check for upgrades. Buy bandages and potions it will speed up your leveling.
If you have manastones apply them on your weapon or equipped items.

Once you come to the village collect the following quests: A New Skill, Uno’s Ingredients – you have to kill Pink Beak Airon for 5 Airon meat. From Minalinerk NPC take Abandoned Goods quest which will send you to the North-west part of Cliona Lake for 5 Wine bottles from Wine Casks. If you have followed our instruction you should already have 10 Aria in your bag for the quest Collecting Aria. The NPC Muranes will send you to complete mission quest The Kerubim Threat. While you are finishing quests around Cliona Lake you will find NPC Feira and get the quest To Fish in Peace. Also while you are hunting creatures around Cliona Lake you can get an untradeable item called The Woodcutter Lost Axe. Double-clicking it to start the quest The Lost Axe.

When you complete these quests you should reach level 5. If you don’t have new skill-books return to town and also check for a new weapon or armor as well. Before you leave Akarios Village picking up the following quests: Pernos’s Robe – Acquired from the Armor seller Mune in town, A Book for Namus – Received from the guard Melampus at the North gate of town, Light up the Night – Received from the NPC Pranoa along the road North-East of town.

The First Batch of QuestsThe Second Batch of Quests
  1. A New Skill
  2. Uno’s Ingredients
  3. Abandoned Goods
  4. Collecting Aria
  5. The Kerubim Threat
  6. To Fish in Peace
  7. The Lost Axe
  1. Pernos’s Robe
  2. A Book for Namus
  3. Light up the Night

LEVEL 5-7 Daminu Forest

At the entrance of the Daminu Forest you will find 3 NPCs along the road: Ampeis, Namus and Noah with new quests. Before you start doing the quests inside Daminu Forest try to finish quests Pernos’s Robe, Insomnia Medicine, The Elim’s Message and Light up the Night because these quests will send you back to Akarios Village and Cliona Lake. It is much better to finish these quests first and turn them together then to go back and forth several times.

Ampeis will send you to hunt 8 Shortbristle Bellepigs for the quest Mushroom Thievesand also send you on mission quest Request of the Elim. One of the most interesting quests is The Nymph’s Gown. To start this quest you need item Namus’ Diary, which drops from the Grove Abex. Right-click it to start the quest. With level 6 several more quests become available. New quest at Akarios Village is Polinia’s Ointment. At the entrance of the Daminu Forest NPC Namus will send you to Malponeh’s Campsite to finish A Taste of Namus’s Medicine. At Malponeh’s Campsite you can collect new quest Thinning out Worgs from Tula who will send you to hunt 9 Gray Worgs.

Don’t forget to return to Akarios Village for new skills at level 7, and also new armor and weapon upgrade. Once you get into areas that have mobs that aggro, kill your way through the mobs rather than training/stealthing through. Characters in this game level primarily through kills and you are cheating yourself on exp by skipping these mobs.

Quests Summary
  1. Insomnia Medicine
  2. The Elim’s Message
  3. Mushroom Thieves
  4. Request of the Elim
  5. The Nymph’s Gown
  6. Polinia’s Ointment
  7. A Taste of Namus’s Medicine
  8. Thinning out Worgs

LEVEL 7-9 Agaric Spore Road and Kabarah Strip Mine

When you reach level 7 don’t forget to take the quest Delivering Pernos’s Robe from NPC Mune in Akario Village. Drip items for this quest the Abex Horn, and Brax Hoof can be acquired from Grove Abex or Brown Bristle Brax. Scar’s Fang however can only be retrieved from Scar the Alpha Zaif, a particularly nasty Zaif that never ventures from its cave in the Gray Zaif Habitat, southeast of the Deforested Area. The next group of quests will send you to the Kabarah Strip Mine located East of Pernos. Oz, a guard at Deforested Area, will send you two times in the Kabarah Strip Mine to complete your next mission Illegal Logging where you will have to kill 12 Dukkaki and after that 3 Tursin Outlaw. Oz will also send you on Agaric Spore Road to collect 3 Oz’s Prayer Beads from Three-day Sparkys for the quest Oz’s Prayer Beads.

Pernos wants to find his pet Tutty – Where’s Tutty?. When he finds out about her destiny he will hire you to kill Dukaki Brawler Avenging Tutty. NPC Baevrunerk will send you to the Kabarah Strip MineThe to search for the Ancient Cube Ancient Cube . Mercenary Vice Captain Tula in Melponeh’s Campsite will give you the next mission quest
Neutralizing OdiumMelponeh wants 5 Mushroom Hearts for the quest Mushroom Research, so collect Mushroom Hearts from the Fearless Fungys on Agaric Spore Road. This chain of quests brings you to the last one Tula’s Music Box

At this point you will receive your first titles. Press “P” to open character menu and choose the 4th tab to show your titles. Select the most useful one for your class and make sure to always keep an eye out for new titles. When you reach level 9 you will acquire Ascension Quest.You can’t gain level 10 until completing the Ascension Quest.

Quests Summary
  1. Delivering Pernos’s Robe
  2. Illegal Logging
  3. Oz’s Prayer Beads
  4. Where’s Tutty?
  5. Avenging Tutty
  6. Ancient Cube
  7. Neutralizing Odium
  8. Mushroom Research
  9. Tula’s Music Box
  10. Ascension

LEVEL 9-10 Agaric Spore Road and Timolia Mine

After finishing previous quests there is only one area left to be discovered Timolia Mine. Poa will ask you to search the Timolia Mine and bring him Suspicious Ore from Suspicious Box. Your next duty will be to investigate the Krall plot in the quest Scouting Timolia Mine. The last of the mission quests Barring the Gate in this area will send you inside the Timolia Mine to deactivate the gate.

Quests Summary
  1. Suspicious Ore
  2. Scouting Timolia Mine
  3. Barring the Gate

Congratulations! Your next destination is Sanctum.

This guide was made with help of Zumbaro

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