Aion Snaggletooth and Basalmon’s Shield

A few days ago we wrote about great blue Kratia drops, and now it’s time for another blue-drop mob. Are you looking for a way to get great blue shield level 30 for free? Get ready for farming Snaggletooth and Basalmon’s Shield.

First off, Snaggletooth is not actually a boss in the common definition of the term. He’s not an elite mob, but he’s Named Mob, level 27 about 4,156 HP, much larger than other Basilisk, red-green colored, and it’s not difficult to spot him. His spawn point is near Sataloca’s Grave.

SnaggletoothSnaggletooth LocationBasalmon Shield

Snaggletooth is one of those mobs that has really divided opinion about respawn time. We have farmed him during day and night. When I tried method “sit and wait” his respawn time was 6-10 hours. Then I tried method “let’s kill mobs around” and he usually appeared after killing Mottled basilisks for 1-2 hours. Also, he has no placeholder!

We hope these information will help you, so happy hunting and enjoy your blue shield!

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5 Responses to Aion Snaggletooth and Basalmon’s Shield

  1. mike says:

    i just killed snaggletooth.

    i waited 8 hours and just killed him at 8:02am thursday march 18, 2010. in the process killed about 500-600 mottled basiliks.

  2. Emilie says:

    After 30+ hours of camping him I finally got him to spawn…. but he did NOT drop the shield =( Been running FT over and over to also get a chance at Sipus’ shield but he’s never drops it either…. just bad luck all around.

  3. Sir.Blade says:

    Is it posible to tell us how many ppl you use to kill mobs.. and maybe what chars was mixed in the party, or if its a solo mob

  4. Genius says:

    You don’t need a group for this mob. Since you can use the shield at level 30 you don’t need to kill Snaggletooth while you are low level, and at level 30 it’s not hard to kill him solo, but prepare potions 🙂

  5. Linn says:

    Lol once i just randomly encountered him while doing quests, killed him and got the shield and thought nothing about it

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