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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
What Lies Beneath65Sillus Danuar MysticariumAsmodians
What's a Train Robber Steal?65DanariaElyos Asmodians
Whose Mission is it Anyway?65DanariaElyos
With Great Power Comes Great Idiocy65Sillus Danuar MysticariumElyos
Would You Like to Know My Secret?65Idian DepthsElyos
You Should Read the Letter65Idian DepthsElyos
[Achievement] Examine the Katalam Base65HeroElyos
[Achievement] Inspect the Katalam Base65HeroAsmodians
[Alliance] Accounting for Orders65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] Artillery Action65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] Beyond the Depths65Idian DepthsAsmodians
[Alliance] Breaking Beritra's Fist65Idian DepthsAsmodians
[Alliance] Confusing the Chain of Command65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Conquering Ambitions65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Doomsday Weapon65Infinity ShardAsmodians
[Alliance] DRAKINT65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] Eliminating the Bind Point Commander65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Eternal Campers65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] Greater Than the Whole65Infinity ShardElyos
[Alliance] Hyperion Unearthed65Idian DepthsElyos
[Alliance] Protecting The Eternal Bastion65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Removing the Remnants65Idian DepthsElyos
[Alliance] Retreat Into Death65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] The Enemy's Key Strength65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] The Follow-Through65The Eternal BastionElyos
[Alliance] Trust In None, But Verify65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Daily] And Don't Come Back65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Balaur Blues65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Breaking the Silona Balaur65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Breaking the Silona Elyos65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Deep in Enemy Land65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Defend the Silona Base65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Eliminate the Meadow Advance Unit65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Eliminate the Meadow Scouts65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Eliminate the Vigils Advance Unit65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Eliminate the Vigils Scouts65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Everybody Knows Your Name65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Getting the Balaur's Attention65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] If Not, It's The Balaur65DanariaElyos
[Daily] It's Always The Asmodians65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Lazy Tactics, Easy Victory65DanariaAsmodians
[Daily] Morale De-Booster65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Naps are Bad65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Planning Ahead65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Seriously, Don't Come Back65DanariaElyos
[Daily] Surprise, Surprise65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] ... Soldier, Spy65DanariaElyos
[Group] A Final End65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterAsmodians
[Group] A Stabbing in Sauro65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] A Thorn in Pashid's Side65DanariaAsmodians
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