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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Group] Aetheric Ambushers65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] Alas, Poor Shugo, Nyerk65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] Beritra's Most Favorite Gun65Ophidan BridgeElyos
[Group] Better Than Resco65Silona Void CubeElyos
[Group] Blades and Scroll65DanariaElyos
[Group] Breaking the Blade65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Demolition Mania65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] Doomed Commanders65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] For the Folks Back Home65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Formarsh's Folly65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] From the Void with Love65Silona Void CubeElyos
[Group] Genuine Danuar Souvenirs65Idian DepthsElyos Asmodians
[Group] Give Me Liberty!65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterElyos
[Group] How Did He Know?65DanariaElyos
[Group] Hunks of Junk65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Into the Void65Silona Void CubeElyos
[Group] It's Just An Army65DanariaElyos
[Group] Just Borrowing Them65DanariaElyos
[Group] Killing Spree65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Light Reading65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterElyos
[Group] Modor's Tale65Danuar ReliquaryAsmodians
[Group] More like Pashid Slayed Capt.65DanariaElyos
[Group] Murdak Attack65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Mutation Aggravation65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterAsmodians
[Group] On the Shoulders of Giants65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterAsmodians
[Group] Penetrate the Guard Post65Ophidan BridgeAsmodians
[Group] Precious Seal65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] Prototype of Destruction65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] Ring around the Dragons65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Sauro: The Final Assault65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Slay Sheba, Blind Beritra65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Something Hinky This Way Comes65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Steal the Operations Plan65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Subject of My Ire65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterElyos
[Group] That Stuff Will Kill You65Pradeth Idgel Research CenterElyos
[Group] Theano's Theories65Ophidan BridgeElyos
[Group] Things Seem Off65DanariaAsmodians
[Group] Tinker, Tailor...65DanariaElyos
[Group] Unlock the Mystery Box65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
[Group] Vengence in the Void65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] Volatile Vera (rep)65Ophidan BridgeAsmodians
[Group] Walking Up To Modor65Danuar ReliquaryElyos
[Group] What Sheba Hath Wrought65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Growth/Weekly] Lessons in Time65KatalamElyos
[Growth/Weekly] Save Time and Effort65KatalamAsmodians
[Hero/Alliance] Assasination Attempts65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] In Every Instance65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Pashid's Claw65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Save the Fortresses!65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Alliance] Tarbosch's Death 365HeroAsmodians
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