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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Bastions Are Eternal; Positions Are Not65The Eternal BastionElyos
Into the Void65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] Aetheric Ambushers65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] Formarsh's Folly65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Group] Vengence in the Void65Silona Void CubeAsmodians
[Alliance] Protecting The Eternal Bastion65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Eliminating the Bind Point Commander65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] The Enemy's Key Strength65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Confusing the Chain of Command65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Conquering Ambitions65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Alliance] Trust In None, But Verify65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
Interrogate Kvash65The Eternal BastionAsmodians
[Achievement] Examine the Katalam Base65HeroElyos
[Hero] Achievements in Katalam65HeroElyos
[Hero] Conquering Katalam65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] First Accomplishment65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] Second Accomplishment65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] Third Accomplishment65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] Fourth Accomplishment65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Pashid's Claw65HeroElyos
[Hero/Group] Genral Disarray65HeroElyos
[Achievement] Inspect the Katalam Base65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] An Officer and Asmodian65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Assasination Attempts65HeroElyos
[Highest] Tarbosch Must Die, Part I65HeroElyos
[Highest] Tarbosch Must Die, Part II65HeroElyos
[Highest] Tarbosch Must Die, Part III65HeroElyos
[Hero] Complete the Danuar Mysticarium65HeroElyos
[Hero/Group] Complete the Idgel Research Center65HeroElyos
[Hero/Group] Complete the Void Cube65HeroElyos
[Hero] Building Achievements in Katalam65HeroAsmodians
[Hero] Ruler of Katalam65HeroElyos
[Hero] For Honor!65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] Reliving Old Habits65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] For the Cause!65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] Trust Among Friends65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] For our People!65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Alliance] In Every Instance65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] Again, our Victory!65HeroAsmodians
Military Intelligence?65KatalamElyos
[Hero] A Hero's Reward65HeroElyos
[Hero/Daily/Group] Again, our Honor!65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Daily/Group] Old Habits Die Hard65HeroElyos
[Hero/Alliance] War Trophies65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] Elyos Heads65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] Chain of Command65HeroAsmodians
The Sauro Supply Base65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Save the Fortresses!65HeroAsmodians
[Group] Killing Spree65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Group] Slay Sheba, Blind Beritra65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
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