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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Hero] Tarbosch's Death 165HeroAsmodians
[Group] What Sheba Hath Wrought65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Hero/Group] Tarbosch's Death 265HeroAsmodians
[Group] Hunks of Junk65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Hero/Alliance] Tarbosch's Death 365HeroAsmodians
[Group] Sauro: The Final Assault65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Hero] Conquer the Danuar Mysticarium65HeroAsmodians
[Group] For the Folks Back Home65Sauro Supply BaseElyos
[Hero/Group] Conquer the Idgel Research Center65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Group] Conquer the Void Cube65HeroAsmodians
Combat Mechanic65DanariaElyos
[Hero] Conqueror of Katalam65HeroAsmodians
Idgel Recovery65DanariaElyos
[Hero/Group] Old Spirits, Old Grudges65HeroAsmodians
Fury of the Ametgolems65DanariaElyos
[Hero/Group] Scales and Secrets65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Force] Repurposing the Past65HeroAsmodians
Dark Wings, Darker Tidings65KatalamAsmodians
[Hero] Just Rewards65HeroAsmodians
[Hero/Daily/Group] More Spirits, More Grudges65HeroAsmodians
[Group] A Stabbing in Sauro65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
Mnesino's Order65DanariaElyos
[Group] Doomed Commanders65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
The Threat From Within65DanariaElyos
[Group] Unlock the Mystery Box65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
Mnesino's Method65DanariaElyos
[Group] Alas, Poor Shugo, Nyerk65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
An Appropriate Sacrifice65DanariaElyos
[Group] Prototype of Destruction65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
Fit for the Slaughter65DanariaElyos
[Group] Demolition Mania65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
Whose Mission is it Anyway?65DanariaElyos
[Group] Precious Seal65Sauro Supply BaseAsmodians
Sewer Systems are Key65DanariaElyos
A Touch of Skurv65DanariaElyos
Unusual Observations65DanariaAsmodians
Showing 'Em How It's Done65DanariaElyos
Making Idgel Safe65DanariaAsmodians
The Chief Priest's Daughter65DanariaElyos
Breaking Rocks65DanariaAsmodians
Pride Cometh Before a Fall65DanariaElyos
Meet Stifas the Stiff65The Eternal BastionElyos
Charging the Cavalry65DanariaElyos
Keyros Calls for Aid65DanariaElyos
Go Forth and Promote Me65DanariaElyos
[Group] Just Borrowing Them65DanariaElyos
My Report is Better65DanariaElyos
The Fixer65DanariaElyos Asmodians
[Group] More like Pashid Slayed Capt.65DanariaElyos
Sure to Get the Message65DanariaAsmodians
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