MMORPG Exclusive Aion Pet Giveaway

aion pet Watchful Ailu

Today has been giving a bonus pet for Aion US – The Watchful Ailu: Ability (Warning), Watchful Ailu alert you when they detect enemies.

IMPORTANT: These gift keys will only work on the North American Aion servers.

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8 Responses to MMORPG Exclusive Aion Pet Giveaway

  1. Cico says:


  2. Junbastic says:

    Yo i love this site many thanks to the devs and people that come to check out stuff.

  3. Sardaukar says:

    Would love a new pet for Aion!! My current pet, a bird is getting tired. LOL!

  4. Azumi says:


  5. Niekka says:

    So how do we get a key for this pet? I would like to have one, I am new to Aion and so far love the game….

  6. Aiakane says:

    How do we get this? 😮 I’m new to Aion too.

  7. Genius says:

    These were exclusive pets only for North American Aion servers. They were part of the MMORPG giveaway.

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