Site updated with Aion 2.5 quests

I am very proud to announce that we have updated our quests database to reflect the changes that patch 2.5 brought to Aion. All the news quests have been added and old have been updated with the latest data. I am so very proud to say that this is the first time since this site existed that we have all the German and French quests added as well. Quest text and steps are all translated to French and German, the only thing left in English are custom explanations. The walkthrough images are also from the English version of the game and I hope you won’t mind that. We are hoping to keep adding quest walkthroughs in the coming weeks and I have a surprise for all of you min-max types because we are working on an updated version of our items database and we should be releasing that in the coming days. I know that it has already been more than a month since 2.5 was introduced, but there is only wife and me working on this site and things take time. Here are some fun facts about the patch:

  • 380 new quests have been added
  • Overal experience from quests has been increased by 681769895 in 1671 quests
  • That is an average of 408001 xp points increase per quest
  • The quest with the most XP increase is Brigadier Indratu with 11242666 XP points added as reward
  • There are actually 186 that have had their XP reward reduced by 14467080 points total

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