Aion Patch Notes

Instanced Dungeons [Dark Poeta]

  • Artifact Activation and I Need Materials! – Both entry quests now function


  • Expert Major Armor Flux – level 33 and 43 no longer share the same name; level 43 renamed to Expert Superb


  • Many text and spacing issues corrected
  • The Inscrutable Stranger – when talking to Asmodian NPC Svafnir in Beluslan he will now offer you this quest
  • Revenge of the Displaced – Dictionary links for locations and enemies added
  • A Job for Pobinerk – Location for Shoshinerk correctly states he’s in Sanctum
  • Return to Aether’s Flow – Correctly asks players to kill mob called “Undead Villager”
  • Undead Wildlife – Text says to kill “Hungry Undead Worg”
  • Vision the Drakie – Tracker updated to collect 25 bloodwing meat
  • Matching the Plumage – Correctly references Mob and Quest Item
  • The Secret Passage – Correctly references harvestable object.
  • A Light Through the Trees – Locate now works properly
  • Treasures of the Adma Stronghold – More quest information and accurate name for a quest item
  • BuBu Mep’s Wedding Preparation – Correct dictionary links for items needed to complete
  • Ginseng Gone Wild – Repeat information displayed to the player
  • I Wanna Pecku – Correct references to mobs.
  • Contamination Sample – Correct reference to mob
  • Wandering Undead – Correct mob dictionary link
  • Gathering the Herb Pouches – Added additional quest item references


  • Decimate the Miren Garrison – Correct mob references
  • Capture Miren Fortress – Correct mob references
  • Decimate the Sulfur Garrison – Correct mob references
  • Inspection Concluded – Maias has a quest indicator after completing pre-requisite and now offers quest

Class [Chanter]

  • “Blessing of Rock” has been changed to “Blessing of Stone”

User Interface

  • Destination signs now state “Km” instead of “Kr”
  • Sound Options – Two sliders both named SFX Volume have been better defined
  • Command – /AutoHuntingReport will now work when typed in chat
  • Pop-up window showing a recommended server will now display at the server selection screen


  • Audio – Tweaks to several NPC’s that incorrectly used Greets as Farewells and vice versa
  • Audio: Cutscenes – Some reworked to better match text on screen

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