Additional information about Aion Character Transfer

  • Will our mailboxes be left intact? Like a lot of other poeple I have stuff that’s sitting in there so it doesn’t take up limited warehouse space.
    I am still waiting 100% confirmation. The 99.99% confirmation is yes your mail will be intact but I want to make 100% sure for you. I passed this up the chain so once we get the 100% confirmation we can add this to the FAQ. [Trine]
  • You will not be able to transfer a character from North American servers to European servers or vice versa. [Trine]
  • You will not be able to switch your Elyos into being an Asmodian or vice versa. Your character must stay the same race it was created as. [Trine]
  • Another concern I’ve seen so far is that our unlimited character transfers will actually unbalance the servers after the merge. We’re not too worried about this happening for a few reasons. First and foremost, we’re only able to do one mass transfer per week; these transfers will take place during server maintenance. Additionally, we will be carefully monitoring transfers before and after execution each and every week, and if need be, we will adjust transfer limitations to preserve race balance. [Tamat]
  • While you can transfer freely for that period of time, it isn’t as simple as transferring from one server one day and another server another day.

    The transfer process is a bit more complicated than you think. You will not be able to transfer a character to a server that will create a race restriction conflict. Additionally the transfers will occur only during weekly server downtimes.

    For example: It is Sunday night and you have an Elyos on New Vaizel and you wish to move your Asmodian to New Vaizel. You will first have to transfer the Elyos off New Vaizel and onto another server that will not create a race conflict. You will have to wait for the weekly maintenance to occur and the transfer to happen.

    Once the Elyos has been transferred off New Vaizel then you put in a transfer request to move your Asmodian to New Vaizel. This transfer will wait until the next week’s server downtime and the transfer occurs. [Trine]

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